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  1. It's freaking annoying but my TruckersMP isn't showing the login screen + start-up screen from ETS2.... ETS2 SP works fine, the only problem is that it doesn't show the SCS intro (only sound) and it's showing a black screen with yellow dots (Euro Truck Simulator MultiPlayer screen). Can somebody please help me because I am so frustrated right now!!!
  2. Hey everyone, I am having a bit of a problem. When I try to launch TruckersMP the launcher works perfectly fine, but when I click on launch you can hear the sound of the default animation that plays when you load ETS2, but there is no animation what so ever. So when it loads I just get the default profile selection screen from ETS2 and my mouse cursor doesn't move. The game works perfectly fine without the mod. The mod worked before the latest update (v2.1.7.2) after I updated my drivers, but it doesn't work anymore and there are no driver updates either. There are not other programms running like MSI Afterburner etc. I tried to find a solution on the internet, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Does anyone have a solution for my problem? What I already tried - Deleting and reinstalling ETS2 & TruckersMP (Yes also the files in the programdata folder) - Verifying game cache - Starting ETS2 in different modes - Restarting my pc several times - Looking for driver updates. - Launching TruckersMP with administrative rights. - Deleted the config.cfg file It would be great if anyone could help me With kind regards, ~ Nick
  3. Pretty basic to understand, I can not log in into TruckersMP, when I start ETS, it just doesn´t show the login screen, and I get into the single player mode. Things that have been tried: -Complete uninstall and install of Truckers MP (as an admin), checked paths. -Steam cache 100% right, no beta mode. -ATS MP works. -Everything executed as an admin. Please help.
  4. ImJu

    Cant Log In

    I cant login because I cant type @ at the e-mail login field
  5. Hello, sorry for my english, i'm french. I can't connect my account when I launch Truckersmp Each time it said "invalid email or password". I saw a solved post, where someone says : Nothing works. so, what can i do ?
  6. Witam, mam malutki problem. Otóż gdy wpisuje NA PEWNO (zmienialem email i haslo 10 razy żeby mieć pewność że dobrze wpisuje) dobrze moje passy do truckersMP, to nie chce mnie zalogować do gry przy wyborze europe 1 (1054/2300) Ktoś ma jakiś pomysł?
  7. So i just got the problem where i can't login to my TruckersMP account on the game, but i can login on truckersmp.com I have tried getting a new email. didn't work, changed my password, didn't work. I have launched the game with the right steam-profile and tried to sign in but NOPE. (My password does only have A-Z and 0-9 in it.) Really would appreciate a quick solution to this.
  8. Good evening, I have a wierd problem that I cannot login whatever I do, it always says that either my Email or password is wrong, even though I still can login in to the forum (duh) and the website, it was on "save" aswell, so I didn't touch anything. Newest version ( Alpha) installed.
  9. Hello, when i launch ets2 mp, i get no login. il just continue straight into the game.
  10. If I want to register for the multilpayer is because the profile that already exists is when I would like to register as a user nines is because Steam is already exists how can I fix this? All my Passwords not working...
  11. Hello, I have just one question about ets. Situation is looking like i wanna login in game, but it is always says "Error email or password". Did you have any answers for this one? Please tell me as quickly as possible. Contact: mail- , Steam- steamcommunity.com/id/glazeleq1337 , or tell me by phone number- From up, thank you very much
  12. how do i fix http proxy error on launch page of ATS. I type in my email and password and log in and it says that the http proxy is being used or is not configured right and i have turned off all ad blockers and scrips and i have logged in to world of trucks in the steam browser like someone said and it worked for like an hour and so i had to do something so i left my truck and they kicked me from the server for afk which is not the problem the prblem is when i go to log back in it gives me the same thing it did before and now i have tryed everything i know and it still does not work. can someone help me?
  13. Hello, I can't login with my normal login I always used in the multiplayer mod it self. I can login on the ets2mp website and forum but no the ingame launcher. How can I fix this.
  14. fr8_

    Gdzie unban?

    Powinienem zostać odbanowany 9 minut temu, ale dalej mam bana.
  15. Hallo, Ich kann mich nicht Anmelden! Ich komme bis zum Login Bildschirm und, Log mich ein und er sagt PW oder E-Mail sind falsch! Mein Passwort und die E-Mail habe ich schon zig mal geändert hat aber bis jetzt kein bisschen geholfen! Wie kann ich einen Admin Kontaktieren? Und mit Admin meine ich einen Admin! Ich bin nicht nur sauer sondern auch enttäuscht und bin bestimmt nicht der einzige zurzeit! Die gesamte neue Seite ist Müll! Vorher lief es super! Von mir aus kann man ja meinen Account löschen, dann könnte ich einen ganz neuen erstellen in der Hoffnung das es funktioniert! Und das ist nicht so das ich die Macher, Admins und Supporter nicht schätze! Das ist eine Wunderbare Leistung bis jetzt! Eine frage! Warum muss man die gesamte Seite verändern? Warum macht man was funktionierendes einfach wider kaputt? Währe ja warscheinlich sonst viel zu einfach wa.....? Hoffe auf eine baldige Lösung dieses Problems!.... Liebe Grüße und Gute Fahrt!
  16. When I login to my multiplayer profile it says to visit their website to register my name, so I go there and do that but it still doesn't work, what should I do? Thanks
  17. Hey guys i cant log into ets2mp, i get to the login screen enter my username and password fine, it then takes me to the profile screen i select my profile and click continue game and it says "signing in" but just hangs there and wont let me into the game UPDATE: 17:53pm - i am now getting "this service is unavailable please try again later" is this a bug or a known issue? is there a fix for this? Thanks Ukguy232Gaming
  18. When i want to login i have this error: ,,invalid email or password'' but i typing password and e-mail correctly... and for the first time everything works perffect. And on the main website i can login without any errors. What is wrong with this?
  19. alejitoro

    Login Error

    Pueden ayudarme con este error?, Ya he intentado de todo y quiero jugar y nadie me da solucion,Gracias!!!
  20. Hello I have a problem with the login system:When I tryied to log in the game sayid ,,Incorect password or email'' and i checked 3 times,i wrote corectly everything and it sayid again cuz is wrong
  21. Cześc pisze bo ma problem i to duży... otóż gdy włączam Multiplayera i wpisuje login i hasło wyskakuje: http://zapodaj.net/bd9acc4a4605a.jpg.html Czyli Nieprawidłowy e-mail lub hasło na stronie www.ets2mp.com loguje się normalnie a w grze nie moge. Hasło było zmieniane wielokrotnie i nic.. E-mail był zmieniany raz Dodam że kiedyś grałem na Multiplayer... Potem po formacie kompa zaczoł sie ten problem Mam dodatki: Goint East,Polish Paints Jobs,Uk paints Jobs,Metalic paint jobs Proszę o pomoc !
  22. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Mouse + Keyboard (german QWERTZ) Description of Issue: The @ sign cannot be entered in the login screen. You have to manually copy and paste it, to enter your email. How to reproduce: Log in with a german keyboard/german operating system Screenshots / Videos: none I've found topics that ask about this, but all help that has ever come from other is: "Type it in notepad and C+P". No one seems to have reported it as a specific bug or any answer from devs was given. I don't know whether this also applies to other keyboards, but I feel it is quite annoying. I realise remembering the E-Mail would be a temporary solutions, but with more than one person using the same computer/user that is impossible. Please adress this in the future or if this has been adressed and can't be fixed, then sorry for creating this topic again.
  23. After downloading i went to sign in and it said that i had invalid information when i knew it was right i tryed copying and pasting it into the boxes and it didn't work please help
  24. i can log in on the site with my email and password, but as soon as i open up the mod and put my details in it says "invalid email or password". Can anyone please help
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