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  1. Having an issue where it crashes, and freezes my whole monitor on start up: Ran with openGL Ran with Direct X11 Ran windows troublshooter Reinstalled 2x Verified Game Files Verified Game Version Updated Graphics card drivers Single player works, just not Truckers MP Launced with administrator Right clicked and installed as administrator Checked Forums For Help Screenshot of frozen screen (mouse dosent work on it) (I took photo with phone since screen froze ): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/813463065533480980/826968354157887508/image0.jpg Comments Here is the game log in pastebin https://pastebin.com/f73ppjBe I have updated drivers also. It cuts out all computer sound, and makes whole monitor not work. (Second monitor still works) I cannot close the game either. I have also re-installed ATS
  2. I have banned a week ago, and it has ended at 13rd January. I have reinstalled the MOD, but when I come to login screen, I can move my mouse but my clicks don't answer. I can't login. I run as administrator everytime, my Steam is running in the background... Help me, please!
  3. Buenas tardes gente, venia jugando al ETS2 en single.... me entere de como jugar multiplayer buscando...instale el programa (Launcher) , y cuando le doy iniciar se inicia el juego, sale la presentacion, aparece el logo de ETS2 MULTIPLAYER, sonido arrancando el camion hasta ahi todo bien. Llega la pantalla de donde tengo que loguear y se queda parpadeando.... En el impr paint que hice no se alcanza a ver pero se ve el login, parpadea entre eso y el login y a vece agarra bien la imagen... pero tampoco me deja mover el cursor ni nada... que puede ser...por favor si me dan una mano estare agradecido... si hice mal el post por favor corrijanme ya que soy nuevo en todo esto. Gracias.
  4. Hello Drivers, I am hoping to find a solution to what is a strange issue. When I load up my EVE client (EVE Online) it also loads up the TMP client. I can exit out of each and they will run normally. I know that this is NOT a direct issue with TMP, however I would like to know if anyone else had come across this strange bug. Just to be clear, this happens ONLY when I start the EVE client, not the TMP one. I will be posting the same question in EVE as well to see if anyone else has had this issue. This has been doing this for 3 days now, just not had time to have a look into it. Events: Open EVE from desktop Output: Both the EVE and TMP client open up. Open TMP from desktop, no issues. Thanks in advance for any help/ideas that maybe the cause of this.
  5. Boa Noite, toda vez que tento entrar para jogar online coloco meu e-mail e senha e mostra que esta incorreto, já estou algum tempo com esse problema. Já alterei algumas vezes a senha para ver se dava certo mais sem sucesso.
  6. hey my email linked to my truckers mp account ([email protected]) is terminated and inaccessible. any way that you could change it to my desired email?
  7. Hello everyone. Im having a problem while trying to log in to the program. I have tried every solution way like deleting the files about truckersmp or verifying the game files. The error is below. Thank you all.
  8. Приветствую! Вот такая ситуация возникает при запуске ETS2MP. Окно можно передвигать, при этом текст проступает как сквозь трафарет, когда читаешь сквозь горизонтальную решетку. Эта же ситуация при просмотре игроков при нажатии TAB в игре. В ATS всё нормально. Разрешение 1280х1024, win7 64bit, настройки Ультра, скопировал config c ATS, не помогло. Спасибо за помощь.
  9. Hello, I want to register a new account. I have played at least 2 hours (4.4 hours to be exact) on the second account and I'VE BOUGHT THE GAME. It's not family sharing. Also I have set my profile ALL to public: What else should I do? I hit those 4.4 hours on the game yesterday so it should be good to go. Why is it not working?
  10. Um amigo esqueceu o email cadastrado no TruckersMP e agora nao consegue logar de maneira nenhuma pois o sistema só fornece Formulário pra recuperar senha. E obviamente se ele reassociar a conta da Steam, ele recebe o aviso que aquela conta já está sincronizada. Porem como ele pode recuperar o email utilizado?
  11. Suggestion Name: Re-Login on Game-Servers after a kick. Suggestion Description: There could be 2 variants. 1. Variant) Add in Tab a Button with "Re-Login" and you get logged in back to the server, you was previously - OR 2. Variant) Add in Tab a Button with Drop-Down menu and you can Change the Server Any example images: no one, unfortunately... Why should it be added?: Who dont know this. You are going shortly AFK to do make food or going to toilet and you was too slow and got kicked. So, you are playing now 6 hours without pause and dont want to loose the current Playtime in Steam - you are currently forced to play offline or restart the Game and loose the current playtime.It would be a nice Feature, so we dont loose our current playtime Kind regards, Maurice "MauriceLPs" K.
  12. Boas, Eu comprei o euro truck simulator 2 há cerca de dois dias, fiz tudo certo, fui ver vídeos ao YouTube para ver como se instala o truckersmp e etc e deu tudo certo. Ontem um amigo meu quis comprar também aí ele fez o mesmo processo que eu, só que quando ele vai para fazer login no truckersmp dá-lhe um erro. Desde aí ele já desinstalou tudo e volto a instalar, viu imensos fóruns para ver se dava resultado não deu, desativou o antivírus e não deu certo. Por favor me ajudem para eu poder ajudar o meu amigo ele gostaria imenso de poder jogar online!! Obrigado!!
  13. Since a week or so I cannot login to TruckersMP. I launch ATS through TMP launcher and it starts normally. Then at the login screen my creds were prefilled as always, but when logging in at says: Invalid email or password. (I didn't change any of them) I already tried to change my passwords a couple of times but it keeps saying this. To make this issue even harder, I can login normally on the TMP website. What to do? P.s. The issue is with this account
  14. so i load up truckers mp and where i pess login it keeps telling me invalid email or password when i know for a fact its right, i changed my pass still no luck, i even re installed truckersmp and still have sasme issue
  15. Hello Forum so i have a problem where when i start up TMP press on ets2 its starts normaly at the login screen i can see it for 1 frame and then it crashes it asks if i want to send the crash to the devs i included the crash and log: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=28658244725695068655game.log.txt
  16. Guest

    email, spelling mistake

    Hello everyone, me and a friend of mine wanted to play ets2 together. But sadly he entered the wrong email while his registration progress. I would appreciate any help because it was only one little spelling mistake of him
  17. Guest

    TruckersMP Login

    Hello everybody, I have a question about the TruckersMP login in the game. I have just changed my e-mail and my password. Now I can not log in the game anymore ... I also checked everything again. I enter everything correctly.
  18. Hello, because I accidentally deleted the standby code and validation app while cleaning up the system garbage, I can't log on to the website now. Now, what am I supposed to do?
  19. Hi, I just downloaded ur launcher, when I start the game it brings me to the main screen, where I can enter the email and password for my account here. But it keeps saying "invalid email/password". But I´m 100% sure that it is right (just tried with copy and paste to be sure). Screenshot Any help would be nice. Thanks in advance...
  20. Guest

    Login Ingame?

    Good evening, Truckers! Is it possible that if you have been kicked, for example, you can log in without closing the game, or do you have to restart the game?
  21. Hi, when I go to play truckersmp, it sais "an error occurred while contacting our update servers" I tried all i found, but no one works for me. Here is a Screenshot
  22. Hi, I have 5 hours played now and im still not able to register my game. It isn't shared and when I go on the truckersmp website to click on "check games" nothing happens. I've tried that 5 times I think but im still not able to connect to the ATS MP but ETS2 MP works fine for me. Edit: sorry for the topic I mean ATS not ATS2
  23. Hi truckers, I have a problem when enabling ets2 on the multiplayer launcher does not show me the panel to log in and to select the server. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sory, I'm Polish for mistakes.
  24. Hi, Everything was fine until this moment, I go to my account through the client, I write that my account is not correct. Changed the password, I enter the same, all is not true, changed email, everything also. Offline is normal. Please, help. P.s client updated. I copied the mail or password from the notepad, the same error. Data is all true.
  25. when I came on the main screen multiplayer password in the password section gives an error found such an e-mail password, but the system can not log in to the right you help me
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