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  1. I am extremely sorry... It is just about me, I changed my mouse's right and left click's places due to some problems with my mouse in Windows 10 settings, however it does not apply for ETS 2. When I was banned, I tried clicking with other click but after that, I never tried. Sorry, it is completely my bad.
  2. Hello and thanks for the reply, I don't think it is about my graphics card or something about the display because my mouse isn't stuck and everything has a motion when the mouse cursor is on them. I tried anyways, it also been unclickable on the menu screen for singleplayer. Was same for DirectX11. I am trying reinstalling the game
  3. I have banned a week ago, and it has ended at 13rd January. I have reinstalled the MOD, but when I come to login screen, I can move my mouse but my clicks don't answer. I can't login. I run as administrator everytime, my Steam is running in the background... Help me, please!
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