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  1. Hi @BL4CK$K1LL Well it worked but I think not because of some files being re-downloaded, but because I was starting the game from my second Steam account which I only use for CSGO. Back in the days I accidentally redeemed the game key for ATS on my second account, while I wanted it to be on my main acc. Last couple of days I started TruckersMP with my Main account which actually doesn't own ATS, but is gained access through Steam Family Share. I can login at the TMP login screen normally while on my second steam account (which indeed owns ATS), but logging in while on my main steam account gives me the error again. Conclusion: Just stupidity of me. Thanks for your help @BL4CK$K1LL and @Grundii!
  2. Hi @Grundii Thanks for your fast response. Unfortunately the copy paste method and the other method do not work. My email only contains a-z, one number and a period (.), I guess more people will have a period in their email. My pass also doesn't contain any special characters, just letters and numbers
  3. Since a week or so I cannot login to TruckersMP. I launch ATS through TMP launcher and it starts normally. Then at the login screen my creds were prefilled as always, but when logging in at says: Invalid email or password. (I didn't change any of them) I already tried to change my passwords a couple of times but it keeps saying this. To make this issue even harder, I can login normally on the TMP website. What to do? P.s. The issue is with this account
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