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  1. Evo -Skycat-


    So i don't have this Super PC but i've noticed a Drop when playing the latest Update to MP.. Singleplayer i have no issue with FPS. it never Drops one bit... online getting near trucks, or city's and my FPS goes from 60+ down to 35 or below (Big citys) but i only have a Radeon R7 200. its not a big drop but its a drop. but my friend has a bigger problem. he has to 980's in SLI and he goes from 80+ to 15 fps... sinlgeplayer he is over 100+ like normal... what changed in MP that is killing FPS? if there is a setting to turn down to stop it let me know... A month ago when we played we Never had these FPS drops and they only happen in MP
  2. Cześć. Od niedawna mam problemy z Fpsami. Na początku miałem mniej wiecej stałe 40 fps, a aktualnie spadają mi czasem do 5 lub 20. Komputer nie potrafi utrzymać stałych fpsów tylko skaczą od 5 do 45 maksymalnie. Mam 2 rdzeniowy procesor Amd Athlon 6400+ DualCore oraz grafike Radeona 7700 HD 2gB oraz 4 Gb ramu. Nie wiem czym jest to spowodowane ,ale próbowałem formatu i nic nie pomógł a sterowniki mam najnowsze "Gaming Evolved"
  3. Hello, I'm having a problem the thing is that in ETS 2 (Single Player),I usually have around 70-110 FPS , in ETS 2 (Multi Player) I have around 20-30 FPS.How can I get more FPS in Multi Player?
  4. I normally run the game around 60-100FPS even in MP. Dropping in towns ETC. But since the last update I have been doing 30 FPS or lower max. Even in the pause menu to access the world map. Is this a known issue? -PC specs- i5-4460 3.2ghz GTX 750Ti 2gb 16gb ddr3
  5. Hello, I run the game on Ultra in single player with more than 120fps Running the mod, will completely get me 25fps, and pretty much cap it there. It bounces from 20 to 30 but it becomes completely unplayable for me. Didnt see any fixes, so I need assistance for this bug. It ran fine a few patches ago, but after installing the lastest update, ive been getting low FPS.
  6. Hi, how to see fps when playing ets2mp? Thank you.
  7. I've got some problems with ets2. A while ago, I noticed that I got less fps then before. I've checked (reinstall/change) all the mods, but It didn't work. Now, it's so bad that I got 7FPS at a busy environment. Anyone got a idea or solution for it? My specs quite well (Intel Core i5-4460 [email protected], 8.0gb RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX960) Thanks in advance
  8. Witam. Chciałbym zapytać czy komuś też się to zdarzyło czy ja mam coś zepsute, nie wiem. Mam bardzo mało fpsów w granicach 15-20 na ultra czasem skoczy do 60 ale tylko na chwile, 80% gry to jazda przy 15-20 fpsach. Na niskich też szału nie ma bo 40-50. Sprzęt: GTX 970 (DDR5 4gb) Intel i7 4790 16gb ram DDR3 Wie ktoś co może być nie tak? Pozdrawiam i liczę na odpowiedź.
  9. Hi guys , i have a question , when i'm in loading scene or in pause menu i have like 60 FPS constant , when i start game i have 25-30 FPS all the time no matters what graphics are , my PC is pretty good 4 GB RAM , 1 GB graphic (128 bit. ATI HD Raedon 6570) and D-C Intel 3.0 procesor .. I need help fast , i can't enjoy this game when i see 30 FPS + i want to play it on high (low is not funny) , HELP ME FAST GUYS PLEASE <3
  10. Witam ma pewien problem z ets2 mp i single , otóż 2 tygodnie temu miałem 30 fps , a nawet 50 a teraz zaledwie 10 , próbowałem już różnych sposobów ale żadne nie działają , jak to naprawić ? Mój sprzęt: Procesor AMD FX - 4100 Quad Core - 3.6 ghz Ram - 4 gb Karta graficzna Nvidia 630
  11. Hello can someone explain to me why on single i have 50 FPS (no matter the time of day, location or graphic settings) and on a muli 10 FPS - in (regardless of the amount of players - which is interesting), 15 - outside the city no matter where. I have DLC Scandinavia, Going East, High Power Cargo and Polish painting PC: Mother board: Asus P6X58D-E Processor: IntelCore i7950 @ 3.07GHz (8 CPUs), ~ 3.1GHz Memory: 12GB framework Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB - the latest driver System: Windows 7 64 bit
  12. Witam możne mi ktoś wytłumaczyć dlaczego na singlu mam 50FPS (nie ma znaczenia pora dnia ani miejsce) a na muli 10 FPS - w mieście (bez znaczenia na ilość graczy - co jest ciekawe), 15 - poza miastem nieważne gdzie. posiadam DLC: Skandynawia, Going East, High Power Cargo i Polskie malowania komp: płyta gl: Asus P6x58D-E procek: IntelCore i7 950 @ 3.07GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.1GHz pamięć: 12GB ram grafika: AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB - najnowszy sterownik
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