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  1. Sorry for a late response, sorry for a duped post (webpage froze). Heres the things, I run the game completely fine in Single Player, Ultra Settings, No Lag, No Problems. Now, when i start the mod, the introduction, loading screen, menu, everything is in 25ish fps, including my mouse movement. I have already tried lowering the settings to rock bottom, and saw no improvement. ive checked my Nvidia settings to see if maybe the game is running on my CPU, and there was no problems there. Give me a few, ill try unchecking development logging.
  2. Hello, I run the game on Ultra in single player with more than 120fps Running the mod, will completely get me 25fps, and pretty much cap it there. It bounces from 20 to 30 but it becomes completely unplayable for me. Didnt see any fixes, so I need assistance for this bug. It ran fine a few patches ago, but after installing the lastest update, ive been getting low FPS.
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