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  1. Sveiki, gal kam bus idomu ir noretu pasidaryt, jei ka sudomins parasykit, keliese butu idomiau. cia video, pirma versija tik pabandymui..
  2. hi, why i can't load saved game? If i playing and for example i want ro save game when i am in Berlin it is ok. But when i starting game next time, comming the mesage, that there was detected some game change and all my trip was canceled i moved to my main garage. And if i am trying to load, comming error. And it's every time... Is any body known why it's happening?
  3. Thanks for respond... BUT yesterday and all days before was ok.. What you mean "this is WorldOfTrucks" server and how to log in MP server? Can you explayn a little bit about servers, because i am new here...
  4. Hei. I am starting ETS2MP, then loging to server EUROPE1, 2 or 3 then i am choosing my profile and pressing "continue game" and then is coming error, that service is not reachable or temporary turned off for maintenance. I tried to create a new profile and it's working just fine... I am not banned. I don't understand... HELP.. Thanks..
  5. Hi, why i can't get a plastic on the truck side between front and back wheel when there is two axles on the back? It is ok if put one back axle. then i can put nice plastic which covering fuel tank. also i can put nice exaust pipe or lights. but if i put two axles on the back, then i can't put anything. Thanks
  6. Hi, how to see fps when playing ets2mp? Thank you.
  7. thank you very much. I am new in this game and forum, but i will be better Thank you again.
  8. Hi. Today I was trying to play ets2mp, but i got a message that i need update mp to i updated, then i got message that i neet to update ets2 to 1.26.2s i went to steam, ets2 properties, from betas chosed 1.26.x updated ant it is still comming the same error. i tryed on single player and the games started. in the corner writing that my version is 1.26.1s. how to update to 1.26.2s and play multiplayer? Thank you.
  9. I have the same problem. It is sayng that i need 1.26.2s version. I updating from steam to 1.26.x and when i trying MP its coming error. But i tryed to play in singleplayer and there writing that my version is 1.26.1s. How to update to 1.26.2s ?
  10. Hi, yesterday i tryed to play ets2mp and I got a message that i must update game to 1.25.3s I uptaded, but after that i can't connect in game. Its is writing that my version is not compatible. If I updating it to 1.26 the game is not starting if 1.24 the game is not starting. If 1.25 the game starting but not connecting to world of truck and comming error that I must to check game update. Why it's happening? Thanks.
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