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  1. Hey everyone, I hope this message finds you all well. I'm writing to seek some help and advice regarding a persistent issue I've been facing while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 on the Simulation 1 server. The problem is that whenever I join the Simulation 1 server, I encounter a dreaded Fatal Error that crashes the game. Strangely enough, this issue doesn't occur when I play on the Simulation 2 server. To add to the mystery, I've noticed that I can play Simulation 1 without any problems when there are only 3-4 players around me. However, as soon as the player count increases to around 10 or more, the game crashes instantly. Let me assure you that I've ruled out any PC specs-related problems as the cause of this issue. My gaming rig comprises an Intel Core i5-10400, Nvidia GTX 1650 Super, 16GB RAM, and a speedy NvMe drive, which should be more than enough to handle Euro Truck Simulator 2 without any hiccups. As part of troubleshooting, I attempted to create a new profile, but unfortunately, that didn't resolve the problem either. Now, I'm turning to this fantastic community in the hopes that someone might have encountered a similar issue or knows what could be causing it. I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions, tips, or solutions you can offer to help me get back on the Simulation 1 server without experiencing these crashes. If you have any insights or fixes that I can try out, please don't hesitate to share them with me. I'd be immensely thankful for your assistance. Thank you all in advance for your time and support! Happy trucking, NJ_2124
  2. Hello, since version I am experiencing irregular crashes in multiplayer. It happens under any circumstance. I first modified the asus aura line which was recommended to be done on the forum but that did not solve the problem. Fortunately, I was able to record all the crashes that you can find via the links. https://youtu.be/8IQwz5wjYlA https://youtu.be/QGpi41kSi44 https://youtu.be/4nKVHCkm054 https://youtu.be/8IQwz5wjYlA I send you the files that could help to understand the problem : https://pastebin.com/w7byJndb (game crash txt) https://pastebin.com/LALx2wfF (game log txt) https://pastebin.com/JXKWBqWT (crash log) https://pastebin.com/gWiBQvef (last crash log)
  3. Böyle bir hatayla İlk defa karşılaşıyorum internet üzerinde de buna benzer hiç bir hata bulamadım yardımcı olabilirseniz çok sevinirim steam üzerinden direct11x üzerinden çalıştırmayı da denedim olmadı
  4. I guys, i need help, i have fatal error every 30min, i try change settings in game, i put low settings, ultra settings, nothing work for me. I read every topyc in this forum about bugs and fatal errors, i try everthing. I read topycs since 2018 Any1 help me pls ?
  5. If you encounter this problem, follow these instructions: Go to game directory, find bin folder and delete it: Open Steam, go to Library / Games and right click on game: Select properties: Click on Local files tab and choose Verify integrity of game files: I hope it works for you too, thanks for your attention and happy trucking!
  6. Guest

    Fatal Error Hatası

    TrukersMP ' de Oynarken Ana Menüye Dönmek İstediğimde " Önemli Hata" Hatası Alıyorum. Ne Y apsam Düzeltemedim Desteklerinizi B ekliyorum ...
  7. 4 5 months ago, although I entered the game without any problems, when I made the new update and tried to enter TruckersMP, I encountered this error. -I've reinstalled Directx11 -I verified file integrity. -I made compatibility windows7. Why do you think this problem may have originated?
  8. Hello you beutiful bastards! I have a problem. I cannot launch the TruckersMP without getting the Assertion failed unable to find module D3DCompiler_47dll. Me and a buddy have tried for hours to fix it and nothing works. Everything from updating my graphic card drivers to some other drivers and inserting the D3DCompiler file into the place it's supposed to be, and yet the same errors still occur and I cannot seem to fix it by any means. Has anyone experienced the same kind of issues and what kind of solutions are there for this problem. I have tried everything that is common to come across by a simple google search is there anything else I can do? I have Windows 8 (Pretty shitty I know) NVIDIA 650 (No other fanciness) All in all a pretty basic gaming PC but it can run most basic games like farming sim 15, 17 and it has always run ETS2 very smooth. Any advice is much appreaciated!
  9. Hi, i've came back to truckersmp and i cannot launch my game. Singleplayer works fine. game log and crash log is below. If anyone can offer a solution i would love to try it. I miss trucking. https://pastebin.com/UL5HF9pt (yesterday evening) - idk why it didnt create a new one today, but it's the same issue https://pastebin.com/pD7gS66v (today morning) (I've tried to reinstall TruckersMP and also verifying the game files integrity)
  10. Guest

    Fatal Error

    I get the error when I enter the game. "Can't create temp crash log life!" https://hizliresim.com/7B5dBL
  11. Prosím o pomoc, jíž si nevím rady. Po spuštění TruckersMP jako správce vždy když dám Launch ETS2 po chvíli černé obrazovky vyhodí hlášku Fatal error, dám zapsat do bloku v dokumentech a vyskytuje se tam chyba (0x0002). Setkal se s tímto problémem už někdo? Zkoušel jsem reinstal kompletní TruckersMP jíž několikrát i reinstal samotné hry. Situace pořád stejná. Za případnou radu budu vděčný. Díky ----------------------------------------------- last_crash.log
  12. hello everyone i have a problem with promods when you put it in single player my game crashes after i entered mp crashes log if anyone had this problem i would have enjoyed any ideas thank you in advance for your time
  13. Guest

    Game crashed - FATAL ERROR

    Hello. When I pressing button "Launch ETS2" at TruckersMP app, game showing up, and after SCS Logo is showed, and coming ETS2 Logo, my game crashing. When I reinstalled TruckersMP, first opening of game and its working, but second time when i trying to play, it's again crashed. Crash.log https://pastebin.com/BH0j7NY5 Game.log https://pastebin.com/sfZDauQm
  14. Şimdi TruckersMP Uygulamasından oyunu açıyorum ve launch ets2 diyorum oyun açılıyor ana menüde sağ alttan "SÜR" butonuna basıyorum ve yükleme ekranı geliyor ve "connection established to simulation 1" diyor ve dediği anda [unreliable connection] hatası veriyor kick yiyorum ve otomatik olarak kick yedikten sonra tekrar bağlanıyor ve yine kick yiyorum aynı şey birdaha ve birdaha oluyor ve oyundan ; Game Crashed - FATAL ERROR An application FATAL ERROR! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers? Yes No yazıyor yes basınca gidiyor ve oyun kapanıyor yönetici olarak çalıştırdım yine aynı şey oldu steamı açıp kapadım yine oldu lütfen yardım edin TruckersMP Oynayamıyorum.
  15. Good evening, I've had this problem for a while, and I've done practically all the methods presented in the forum and nothing solves how can you help me?
  16. hey all, so ATM i have been away from the truckers Mp for almost 3 months and was happy to play this. but i came back from holidays and. ATM i cant seem to play the game (ATS) and i have read most of the error questions, launcher issues and followed everything that i could. but ATM the thing that i haven't seen yet unless i'm blind or something but, need to know if i'm getting a fatal error, also no crash report as well as cant get into the game even on single player status as well as followed by (run as admin) and ATM nothing is working. so i deleted and restarted ATS without any DLCs and still cant get any where with this. i'm hoping that some one can either help me or at least point me in the right direction on what this could be plz as there is 2 friends also having the same issue. did or does any other pp have this issue by any chance
  17. Guest

    ETS2MP Fatal Error

    When I try to play TruckersMP then the message comes up: Unsupported Game Version detected: expected ver. 1.33.2.s you have ver. Do you need help with changing the game version?
  18. I cant play multiplayer, i getting this fatal error unsuported game version unsupported game version expected:ver.1.32.314s you have:ver. do you need help with changing the game versio? This error i getting sory i cant do screenshot
  19. Ever since mp was released I have really enjoyed playing it. A few days ago when I tried to load it a fatal error message came up, and continues to come up everytime I try to load mp. A couple of times since it first popped up mp has loaded so I thought the problem had gone but it has started again and now I cant play at all I have tried everything to sort this problem including wiping my pc and it didn't work, does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it? Thanks
  20. i have a problem in multiplayer. i started the game i connected the eu2 then i drive. After 15 minutes game is crashed. fatal error !!! How can i fix pls help i tried this : 1- deleted config 2- deleted truckersmp with files and install again 3- i created new account in multiplayer 4- i deleted core_ets2mp.dll (it solved transient time) this is my client_25_06_2018 : Thanks Sorry for my bad english. Olduğu kadar olmadığı kader
  21. Hi all, I have been having a problem lately where TruckersMP crashes my game when I either type in chat, or when a public message pops up. I have tested ETS2 and ATS outside of TruckersMP and they work normally. It is only when running them with the TruckersMP mod that either game crashes. The game crashes in the following scenarios: 1. I am playing the game normally and decide to type in the chat window, the game crashes when I press "y" 2. I am playing the game normally and a public message pops up in the chat, the lower left corner of the screen develops weird lines in the same color as the chat text that covers the lower left corner of the screen, and the game crashes 3. The game has also crashed at random times without anything seemingly to do with the chat, only when using TruckersMP, not separately System specs: Alienware 15 R2 CPU: Intel i7 4720HQ GPU: Externally connected MSI Nvidia GTX 1070 8G Gaming X RAM: 16GB OS: Windows 10 Pro C Drive(OS): Litonit L8T-128L9G-11 M.2 2280 128GB Games are saved to: Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SSD 1TB Monitor: Dell S2417DG 2k I have trouble running the game with DirectX 9 so I had to resort to running with OpenGL. I believe something to do with OpenGL and the mod is the cause but not sure. I have to run with OpenGL since I only get 40 frames or less with DirectX but an average of 60 with OpenGL Graphics are on high except: Shadow texture size was set manually to "512" Mirror Resolution is "Medium" The above tweaks give me better performance I have already tried: Verifying game files Reinstalling TruckersMP Deleting mod folders Running TruckersMP as administrator Attached is a crash log file after pressing "y" for chat and extra system info(dxdiag) Thanks in advance for the help! game.crash.txt DxDiag.txt
  22. I was able to play MP yesterday today I opened the launcher and there was a update of Mp I installed it and couldnt launch the game.Here is the error I am getting ; https://ibb.co/mdU9qS
  23. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Driving Force GT Description of Issue: Stretched graphics for few seconds than the game closes with Fatal Error message. How to reproduce: It was randomly in the begining, now I cant even start playing, the moment I press DRIVE the game crashes instantly. It stopped appearing when I removed my Logitech Driving force GT. Screenshots / Videos: None. How DO I FIX IT!?
  24. When entering the game, I get the following error: An application fatal error. Do you wish to send crash.log file to the developers? I need help, please!!
  25. I have steam version of ets2 64-bit. I bought the game and downloaded TruckersMp but I cannot join to Mp. I uninstalled and re-installed both of them. Same fatal error everytime. What should I do? My game version says its at the left top corner on the game.
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