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Found 19 results

  1. How To get a download of your TruckersMP website account Data..... Hey, Welcome to this guide on how you can get a copy of your account data via the TruckersMP website. This account information gives you a wide range of details about your Bans,Tickets, Dates of agreeing to rules ETC and much more. Creating your Data Dump..... So lets get this started. First of all, head to the TruckersMP website. In the top right hand corner, you will see your username. Click your username and a dropdown menu will appear, select Settings. (As shown in GIF below.) Next, a new screen will pop up just like this one: When it does, select Account Settings. Once this page has loaded, Scroll to the bottom and you will see the Account Data section. Click Generate Data Dump. (As seen below.) Once you have clicked this, your page will refresh and head to the top of the page. Scroll back down again and you should be presented with this in the Account Data section. Again wait a short while, Refresh the page by hitting F5, Going back to the Account Settings section and you will see the status of the Data Dump. Click the Small Blue logo and your Data Dump will be downloaded. Congrats, You have now downloaded a copy of your Account Data. The data will consist of a .json file which you will need to copy and paste into a .json viewer to be able to read the file in an easier fashion. Downloading and Reading your Data Dump..... Head to http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/. Once there, head to where you saved your .json file Data Dump and proceed to open your file. You may be prompted to choose a program to open the file with. If this happens, Choose NOTEPAD as the program. Once notepad opens, COPY and PASTE all the text into the online json viewer and switch from "text" mode to "Viewer" mode. (As seen below.) You are now able to navigate through all your account data. You will see data such as Bans, Profile information, Previous Applications, Times of when you used the chat in game and when you connected to what server and other data about your account. You can use this data as you wish and it is yours to keep. Remember though, every change made to your account will mean the current version of your data dump will need to be re downloaded to include the new data. New data can consist of, Making a ticket, Changing profile information, Updating DLCs and if you have been banned, basically every time a change is made. Deleting the data dump..... When you are done, you may want to delete your data dump instantly, TruckersMP will delete the data dump 48hrs after the creation. However, You do have the option to do it yourself if you like. To do this, simply click the RED BIN LOGO and your data dump will be deleted. (As seen below.) And that's it! Hopefully your now the expert in Creating, Downloading, Reading and Deleting your Account Data. Should you find any problems. Please don't hesitate to contact ME @DJ Jefferz or head to TruckersMP Support and create a ticket for help. Happy Trucking!
  2. Hey! I have a problem with downloading the mod, I did the exact same as my friend (and it works for him) and it doesn't work for me. I attached where I put it and the error message. Previously I could actually open the launcher but then when I tried to play the mod it would say something along the lines of "You have update 1.36 when the mod requires 1.35" or something, tried to opt out of betas and change the update in the properties on steam.
  3. English: I was getting a very slow download hate when trying to update system and ETS2 on TruckersMP Launcher. Some times looks like the download stucks. So I unninstalled it and after install again the poor hate persists. I was almost givin up to try, but leave the Launcher open and run the ETS2 (Steam Version) because decide to play offline while updating... then I hit alt+tab and perceive the download was more fluid than before. Wait it finishes and close ETS2 to use the TruckersMP launch button. Hope it helps some budies! Portuguese: Eu estava tendo problemas de taxa de download muito baixas para atualizar o sistema e o ETS2 pelo launcher do TruckersMP. Em alguns momentos parecia que o download havia parado. Tentei desinstalar o programa e reinstalar mas o problema persistia. Então eu estava quase desistindo mas resolvi deixar o launcher rodando e abri o jogo (versão da Steam) para ir jogando o modo offline mesmo. Resolvi apertar Alt + Tab pra ver como estava e percebi que "milagrosamente" o download estava indo mais fluido e assim foi até que concluiu. Depois disso fechei o jogo e apertei para abrir ele pelo botão que surgiu no launcher. Espero que isso ajude alguns colegas!
  4. i reinstall my pc. so i download truckermp clinet. I try 10 days, client update. but not work. so, i searched on today, i get this download way. When will I be able to download normally? not use vpn. i really want not use vpn or other ways. i think need change download system. torrent or mega cloud or etc ways. you know, too many people want play this game multiplay. really need change download system. please help T.T
  5. MacOS Downloading Hello, So recently, I have signed up here at TruckersMP, but, when I try to download it, it gives a .zip file. When this is unzipped, it leaves you with a .exe file. .exe files do not work on MacOS, so I was wondering, how would I be able to download TruckersMP to play with my friends? I think I've heard of someone using a steam mod to do it, but I can't find anything like that. If someone could please be kind enough to show me how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,' adrrob1002
  6. wadey012


    Hey, I've got a MacBook is there anyway I can now got this mod to download as it won't let me...? thank you
  7. I have a problem with the launcher, the situation is the following, when I start the launcher asks for the respective downloads of ETS2 and ATS, well I do the downloads but when these ends, the launcher puts me back to download them and so a Again in a loop. After repeating the process several times I give up and attempt another means, either reinstalling the launcher, the game, start as an administrator, downloading from the System f1, etc., from time to time it works and allows me to enter the game, But when I start it again it asks for updates. So I can spend about 30 minutes trying to enter the game, until the moment it works, it takes around 2 weeks so the problem and I can not find a solution how to fix it.
  8. Hello all, I have been having problems with the launcher and it is that the download speeds are freaking ridiculous. I have a 1 Gbps connection and yet the launcher is failing to download, even if it downloads the updates it would be at a snails paste. Occasionally I would get the error "An exception occurred during a WebClient request. Press OK to retry.", I never had such problems before this launcher was introduced. I have tried reinstalling TruckersMP, deleting all traces of TruckersMP from my system, re-downloading/installing the launcher. Nothing has worked, I even tried changing my DNS (Google and forcing a Proxy from my ISP. I even disabled my anti-virus Firewall and enabling/disabling Windows Firewall. I completely have given up on this launcher thing. Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated in resolving this issue. Many thanks, Certified_Trucker
  9. SO, I haven't played ATSMP or ETS2MP in forever. On my All-In-One pc (which is more laggy than this, so I'd prefer to use this one), I was able to download perfectly fine. I still have the wheel icon on my home menu of this pc, and when I click on the icon it says I need to update (as expected) and redirects me to the download page. On the All-In-One I have the new launcher and everything is fine. But on here when I try to download it, I get "that is an invalid ATS path!" or "that is an invalid ETS2 path!", and I have the default selected (the one that it is automatically on when you click the next button), which worked when I updated it on the All-In-One. Is there anything I could try?
  10. Guest

    Is Mac Supported?

    I was just wondering if there's a Mac version for the client because I would really like to play. If not, is there an easy way to play it on Mac?
  11. When you read the title, i do know how to fix it and if you have the same problem, then i know how you might be able to fix it. After few updates at the past i have gotten notes about having a ,,unsupported game version,, every time update comes out. after you download the update,you still get the itsact same notification. Yes,i also fell into confusion and wondered,am i ever able to play ETS2MP? I watched one youtube video and i was advized to open steam and find ,,Euro truck simulator 2,,. Keep the arrow on the ,,Euro truck simulator title,, and right click it. After you gave done tgat, move down and open ,,properties,,.. Click ,,Betas,, and you select a version of the game ETS2 recommends you to pick. By it i mean that, after i tried to open up the game earlyer and got a notification, it advized me,which version i need to have,to open the game. (for excample ,,Euro Truck Simulator 2v.,,) Good luck!
  12. Guest

    how to get new client?

    i have this problem http://prntscr.com/cl2i32 how to get new client? this is my old acc from 2014.
  13. I try to play ETS 2 Multiplayer, it says I got wrong version I have to get new one. I go to the TruckersMP site that I was dircted, and when I download that version, ITS THE OLD VERSION!!!! HOW CAN i GET THE NEWER ONE, IF i DONT HAVE A LINK TO DO SO?


    How/Can i play on 32bit pc? How/Where can i download 32bit etsmp ? Got an other pc with 64bit works fine there, but here it dont work because 32bit!
  15. as the title says when I try to sign into truckers mp website to download the multiplayer I get "whoops an error occurred"
  16. It cant connect to the server and i have tried to retry but it doesnt work. EDIT: It was the autumn mod that didnt work, its now solved
  17. Hello guys! I downlaoded the new version of ETS2 MP today with the Autmn mod and after a time it says: Download failded: operation timed out Check your connection and click Retry or try downlaoding the files again. I download with 46 KBS. I tried downloading it 5 times! I re-downloaded it from te website but it still doesnt work...
  18. I'm currently downloading the MP patch so I can finish off my Xmas gifts at a speed of 100Kb/s which is just plain ridiculous. 25 minutes to download 175MB of data, I have 40MB/s download speed and could have downloaded 10 HD movies in this time. In fact I'm uploading 4 times as fast as I downloading. Please fix this.
  19. Guest

    Download link is broken.

    Says "No data received" (Google Chrome) when I try to download. Problem solved. Please, close the topic.
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