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  1. It is quite strange the solution but it works, it turns out that the program is removed from the Windows 10 startup tab, thus removing a shortcut and from that point it works perfectly, before it had already worked but when you dock it to this startup tab Stop working, it is quite meaningless but it has worked.
  2. First, thanks for your help, I'll go a little further. I have done all the options that I have found and nothing has worked, the problem is not that the downloader of the launcher is stuck, since the launcher performs the download perfectly, but in that when it finishes the same, the launcher puts me that there is an actulization Again, as if I had never downloaded the actulization or did not recognize the files I downloaded. Maybe the problem is in the operating system, but I stay out of the answers.
  3. I have a problem with the launcher, the situation is the following, when I start the launcher asks for the respective downloads of ETS2 and ATS, well I do the downloads but when these ends, the launcher puts me back to download them and so a Again in a loop. After repeating the process several times I give up and attempt another means, either reinstalling the launcher, the game, start as an administrator, downloading from the System f1, etc., from time to time it works and allows me to enter the game, But when I start it again it asks for updates. So I can spend about 30 minutes trying to ente
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