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  1. Mod Version: Version 0.1.6 R5 Controllers Used: keyboard Description of Issue: the RCZ at frederickshavn port doesnt work and people are getting damage How to reproduce: go to the port Screenshots / Videos: None.
  2. I would like to ask that can i play in MP in Scandinavia without buying the DLC itself? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi i just bought the heavy cargo DLC for more interesting cargo installed it in steam loaded ETS2 (Singleplayer) up and none of the cargo i can take anywhere its not in the freight market list. The heavy cargo skin packs for trucks work fine so i know its installed. So i thought may just need a restart so i did that nothing at all. Restarted pc nothing. Then i loaded up ETS2MP (main reason for getting it!) and in a stokes place i saw a helecopter on a trailed but i couldnt select it has anyone had this issue and how i can fix it? Thank you Joel
  4. Well, I have a problem, I bought the DLC, my MP is updated and ETS2 too. However I see several players using the high power cargo pack. However I can not find a DLC charge to pick up, I see some player with her but I do not see to get. and offline i cant see one to take too.
  5. So after SCS teasing us with those few pics from the new DLC i wanted more, so i made this tiny little add on witch has all the new prefab and garages that will be in the new DLC, i have left out the truck show rooms because well they look fantastic So this little mod can be use on the profile you are currently using or you could simply make a new on and set the starting city to "Swansea" you can see what it adds below I made this little mod so you guys and girls could have a first hand look if you really cant wait for the DLC like me and after having a drive around it i can not wait!!, SCS have delivered like always. The mod isn't anything special, simply a road with the companies set up on it. Enjoy Link to Mod--> http://goo.gl/YOOGlR The Prefab isn't "stolen" or "hacked" it came in the files with the 1.13 and 1.14 update. Hence you will need to have been updated to 1.14 to use this mod
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