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  1. Just finished building my new computer!! ETS2MP Here i come!

    1. yahhoow


      Have fun man! What are your specs?

    2. HeyI'mAmethyst


      Enjoy your stay!

    3. MrHarv98


      Come to SFH convoy's to see how much good your graphic card is :P

  2. hiya Buddy, if your still loking to join my company hop onto our ts however we might be changing :)

  3. One Day Till The Scandinavia DLC!!! #Hype!

  4. Ah damn i did the wrong one!!! Thank you !
  5. I am a level 11 and have full long distance on adr 2 I have done this and it has failed.
  6. What do you mean checked off?
  7. Hi i just bought the heavy cargo DLC for more interesting cargo installed it in steam loaded ETS2 (Singleplayer) up and none of the cargo i can take anywhere its not in the freight market list. The heavy cargo skin packs for trucks work fine so i know its installed. So i thought may just need a restart so i did that nothing at all. Restarted pc nothing. Then i loaded up ETS2MP (main reason for getting it!) and in a stokes place i saw a helecopter on a trailed but i couldnt select it has anyone had this issue and how i can fix it? Thank you Joel
  8. http://youtube.com/bboyjd10 ! Started My Series Check It Out And Leave A Subsribe
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