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  1. hey did you make  ets2data  ? are you willing to part with the web files!

  2. Live stream of the job logger: https://www.twitch.tv/jammerxd

    1. djrebel2012


      I took ban hello admin please remove the ban ala nothing has given me first and I give in he took not recognize him why I took the dime and penny: ((

    2. Scullllly


      1. He is not a In-Game Admin so your wasting your time there. 2. You should't be posting on peoples status about bans again your wasting your time. Do a ban appeal like everyone else has to do.

    3. djrebel2012


      who speak out to my dime

  3. No, you don't need to purchase ATS to play the ETS2MP. Just go to downloads and download the installer. After that run the installer and everything should work fine
  4. Could be something. But I'm not sure what the developers think about this.
  5. Did you configure them correctly?
  6. Both, because I do like to truck around with other people, but sometimes i'd rather drive on my own then with other people
  7. We, the ETS2Data dev team, are working really hard to launch our triplogger!
    1. konfig0


      Christmas present confirmed.

    2. yahhoow


      I am buying cow poop for you!

  8. Competitive ranks MG1 Favourite skin/gun that you own My m4a4-s skin. (Atomic Alloy with somenice stickers.) Favourite Map Mirage Favourite professional CS:GO team Fnatic. Close to 200 hours in game. Add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RicardoBos/
  9. ^ As long as you do the cooking, i'm sharing with u!
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