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  1. Demony szos! Grupa znajomych zakłada firmę(klan) Wymagamy : Wiek min 16lat.(możliwe lekkie odstępstwo od wieku) Tygodniowe poświadczenie przejechania 1000mil/km Teamspeak 3 + mikrofon Znajomości podstawowych zasad ruchu drogowego. Każdy ma swoje malowanie i dowolny pojazd(łączy nas TAG klanowy) Gramy dla przyjemności ! Grywamy w symulatory : -Spintires- -Euro Truck Simulator 2- -American Truck Simulator - -Farming Simulator 15- -Battlefield-y- -jesteśmy też otwarci na nowe propozycje- Spotykamy się głównie wieczorami ! Grasz kiedy chcesz i ile chcesz ! Jesteśmy dorośli i mamy swoją pracę, do gry przychodzimy miło spędzać czas i się rozerwać. Wszyscy zainteresowani mile widziani i proszeni o składanie podań na naszej stronie : STRONA KLANOWA ZAPRASZAMY !!!
  2. Hi i can't play mp on ATS get and error only on ATS, but ETS2 can i play mp on i get this message wen try to run ATS mp check picture, i have reinstall the game and the client but not working! win 10 Amd fx 9520 gigabyte motherboard Sapphire 280x oc twin 3gb 32GB ram 12 TB hdd
  3. Hi, When i try to play multiplayer it says: Cannot Validate Game Version, I tried to reinstall the game, Multiplayer All my drivers are good i played for 4h i have ats in the right file SteamApps
  4. I need help. TruckersMP will not detect my American Truck Simulator. WHY?
  5. I can not Linking ATS my Steam Account is public it is not goin i can klick on the link 1000 times nothing happens can someone Help me ??
  6. Hi guys, I can't seem to find the list of supported mods for multiplayer (maybe the can be stickied in an obvious place?), I know the lists exists because I've seen links, but the links were broken. So as the title says, can we use the SweetFX mod on multiplayer? I don't think it adds additional files, though I can't be sure since I haven't downloaded it yet just in case I can't use it.
  7. marcelopa

    ATS MP

    On American Truck MP, my truckmans do not work count money?
  8. Cześć, w tym temacie wrzucamy zrzuty ekranu z naszym profilem(ile km przebyliśmy w ATS). Dla przykładu mój wynik. Grę zacząłem 13.02.2016r.
  9. Siemka. Czy w Ameryce można na czerwonym swietle skręcać w prawo ?
  10. Witam. Poszukuję firmy w grze American Truck Simulator. Nie chce mi się przeglądać tematów na forum, wyszukiwania informacji, które napisałem w wymaganiach z mojej strony poniżej. Bardzo dużo firm nie pisze wszystkich swoich wymagań w temacie na forum truckersmp, stąd ten temat aby nie tracić czasu. Poza tym, w dziale firmy, gry są pomieszane na ETS2 i ATS. Co także sprawia, że wyszukiwanie zabiera nieco więcej czasu. Nick w grze: ElectroMusic! Wiek: 22 Miejsce zamieszkania: Białystok Sterowanie: Kierownica SteamID 64 lub adres do profilu steam: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/user/1862 Staż w grze: od premiery Czy dostałeś kiedykolwiek bana?: odsyłam: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/user/1862 Przedstaw się: Inne: poniżej Wymagania z mojej strony: - możliwość dodania tagu w grze, bez potrzebny zmiany nicku na koncie Steam - brak wymuszenia zmiany avatara na koncie Steam - częste konwoje i aktywność kierowców w grze - większości kierowców powyżej 18 roku życia Pozostałe wymagania są z mojej strony akceptowalne, o ile o czymś nie zapomniałem. Wiem, że mało jest takich firm, które akceptują moje wymagania. Ale mam nadzieje, że w ogóle takie istnieją.
  11. Devox360

    Problem Ats

    Dziś w końcu doczekałem się Ats, lecz mam duży problem co z tego że mogę go pobrać skoro nie mogę uruchomić Po przycisnięciu graj, gra nawet się nie załącza tylko odrazu "Program przestał działać" Bardzo proszę o pomoc oczywiscie win 7 64 bit
  12. Hi ATS Community Since today (16th February, 1:25 pm) there is an new update. When I start my Multiplayer there is an error. The error said that I should reinstall the Multiplayer. After I did that, I have got the same error. Greets Vullpreya
  13. Hi, I'm having an issue where the initial screen for multiplayer is missing, the screen that says "TruckersMP", has your login, and gives you the choice of servers. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program multiple times, I have checked to make sure the directory works, and I've watched the installation tutorial video. I tried installing both the ETS2 and ATS multiplayer programs, and when I tested to see if even ETS2 worked, it didn't display the initial screen either. I have 3 hours on ATS, and I have pressed the yellow-orange "Check Now" box on my Truckers MP settings page. In both cases, the multiplayer programs for ETS2 and ATS, the initial screen did not show, and I was presented with the basic single player screen that shows saves and some stats. When I pressed continue and drive, no other players were there, and the game was in single player mode. I'm not really sure if there's anything else I can try to do to fix it. I've played on the ETS2 servers before, and frequently before. Any help I can get on this issue would really help. Thank you.
  14. Hi all, Cant figure out which key allows me to chat in multiplayer(ATS)...Help please!!!
  15. Hey tell me the second day I can not authorize the ATS! Administration can see any problems with my account?
  16. What happened here is this. I tried to click ATSMP which worked perfectly fine for me until today. When I tried to get on the game, the game had a black screen and I couldn't do anything for the first few times. I restarted my computer & reinstalled the program. It happened again even though I reinstalled it for some odd reason but it seems to be happening before Steam opens up. Should I try to play the regular ATS and then go too the multiplayer version to see if that could fix my problem? If interested, I got the file directory installed here. C:\Program Files\TruckersMP Isn't it suppose to be there? After all, it's the default directory so I let it downloaded there. I will try to play the base-game now and then go try MP. If that fails, I will report back and post my results.
  17. hi im new here and i have the MP working but when i go to select an MP server i dont see the US#1 MP server for ATS i see the ETS one any help would be great thanks
  18. Witam mam problem mam na steam ets2 i ATS gdy odapalam multi ats i sie loguje wyskakuje mi ze musze dodac gre do truckers mp . Powie mi ktos jak to zrobic?
  19. I just downloaded this mod and I loved it! I started my first trucking run and it was super fun seeing other people. All seemed well but when I got to the end I was very confused and concerned. I took about 2 in-game hours but it said I took 15603 hours, which of course I did not. Since this was the time it ended up in taking away so much money I got nothing from my work! Please fix this or is there a way I can fix this? Thanks for any help!
  20. Witam. Czy mi się wydaje czy w ats szybciej mijają kilometry ?
  21. I'm having the same issue as the page below, but I've tried everything mentioned and I'm still getting the same error. I've also sent a report ticket, but wanted to ask here aswell. https://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/25739-invalid-password-in-mp-in-page-ets2mpcom-it-is-working/
  22. ETS2MP ID: 838914 URL: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/profile/settings Server Time/ Date: 2016-02-07 15:16 How to reproduce: LOGIN > MY ACCOUNT > SETTINGS > "CHECK NOW" Screenshots / Videos: attached
  23. When I login to my multiplayer profile it says to visit their website to register my name, so I go there and do that but it still doesn't work, what should I do? Thanks
  24. I can not verify the ATS. When I go into the settings of your profile appears server error! What tell? Written server error when I go to the settings of your profile!
  25. If I try to check if I have ATS it says: "We are checking know, come back in a couple of minutes" but after that nothing happens. And yes my Steam profil is on public, and my inventory is on public too. But one think I see that it says "If you own ETS2". I dont own ETS2 but I own ATS and at http://truckersmp.com/de_DE/blog/3its clearly seeable, that there need to stand ATS. What can I do about that?
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