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Found 13 results

  1. Hello. Im having problems logging in. Says wrong password so i reset it. Then try again still says its wrong. I got banned back in 2016. Then was unbanned and now i cant log in any help?
  2. If anyone wants to appeal, and the ban evidence contains the time of the occurance, the person appealing can skip to the time of a recording. I would like to have a recording going all the time, so if I get banned for something I didn't do on my screen I have evidence which I can skip to if I see the time.
  3. Name: Flashing Icon on Map for Collision Participants Description: An introduction of blinking player dot on the minimap if two or more players collide with each other. When two or more players crash (or, one rams another) into each other (not objects, vehicles only), their dot on the minimap starts flashing for 1-60 seconds. Any example images: Reason: This allows the victim of a ramming/crash to easily figure out the player who unlawfully rammed/crashed into the victim, therefore, using /pinfo and reporting quickly. Moreover, it allows the surrounding players to take notice of the crash and prevent further hazards.
  4. Okay, So i got banned for Excessive save editing as i didnt even edit my truck http://prntscr.com/kjb2ax, So my question is when do admins read ban appeals? DmvBrazy
  5. Hi TruckersMP and players, I am looking to know how long it takes for an admin to respond back to the appeals of bans through the TruckersMP website. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated, Heapsteriser
  6. I was wondering how long it takes for an appeal to be reviewed. I just got banned 3 days for the first time and I appealed but how long will it take? Like it doesn't really make sense if it gets reviewed after my ban already expires right...
  7. Hi, I hope that there is someone here who can help me with my issue. Long story short, I got banned last year, I made an appeal, IGA didn’t deal with my appeal correctly, I sent an email to [email protected] over 7 weeks ago and never got any response. This is a video recorded by the admin who banned me: Anyway, this is what happened from my perspective: I was leaving Calais and I noticed a car constantly slowing down and blocking traffic in the left lane. My first thought was it was one of the trolls who can be often seen in that location. As I approached closer it turned out to be an IGA @Bonnm who was apparently issuing bans while driving on a busy road. I drove past his scout in the right lane and then I decided to overtake a truck in front of me because it was badly lagging. I looked in a left mirror, turned my blinker on and I saw scout slowing down a bit. Now, after watching the provided video I can tell that at the time I turned my left blinker on he had about 500 ms lag - that's a half a second (not to mention my lag), that means he appeared to me at least half a second further behind, thus I had an impression that he slowed down and made a gap to let me in, but as soon as I started changing the lane he started to accelerate which can be clearly seen on the video. Unfortunately the back of my trailer came into contact with his car, but again, the maneuver was clear from my perspective due to the lag which had been a known issue on the EU server at that time. I admit that I might have not been cautious enough and I should've taken the lagging issues into account but I disagree that I was driving recklessly. He saw that I was changing the lane and yet he didn't try to avoid the collision and even started to accelerate. After I got banned I asked him for evidence but he locked the appeal so I was unable to even make a ban appeal for a week. I eventually made one. I politely explained what happened from my perspective then I had to wait another 10 days for his response which was: I sent an email to [email protected] on 28.12.2016 but I haven't received any response, I don’t know if anyone has even read it. I’ve tried to contact project managers (@Clarkinator and @HumaneWolf) by sending private messages on the forum with no success. I’ve made two more ban appeals but every time I received inadequate answers (written in broken English or copy-pasted game rules) from @Bonnm who either didn't read or just didn't understand what I wrote in my appeal messages. I have a reason to think that he doesn't handle my appeal correctly and competently enough. Also, the fact that he was involved in the traffic incident that led me being banned makes him subjective in this matter, thus I would like another admin to deal with my appeal. I'd like someone neutral and serious (preferably an adult or a senior member of the staff) to look into it, and to decide whether the permanent ban is really an appropriate punishment for such a "serious" offence. Anyway, according to my ban’s history this was my 5th ban, I pointed it out in my appeal but his reply was: Since I registered my account here I feel that rather than actually playing and enjoying the game I spent more time on dealing with nonsense accusations, making appeals, waiting for responses etc. I'm just a regular guy trying to play and enjoy the game with other players, I'm not a troll who wants to spoil the game experience. Look at my ban history and the reasons I was banned for. For instance once an admin didn't like my steam username "your mother" but it turned out it was not against the rules and even the project manager @Clarkinator confirmed it was ok to use this name so the ban was marked as ‘ban by mistake’ and removed from my history, then a few months later I was banned for 3 months for the very same username and my appeal was rejected. Any logic here? Nah. Now I have a permanent ban exclusively due to my ban history. Brilliant. This game should rather be called "Get Banned - Make an Appeal Simulator". Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate the game developers’ great work, I just think the admins should be more professional and mature not to mention that there's not enough admins at all. Once you get banned it takes a week for IGA to look into your appeal and even though your appeal is accepted, the long waiting time is a punishment in and of itself. There are probably a lot of similar cases but I'm guessing some banned players either use a different steam account to buy a new copy of ETS2 or just don't give a f*** and play SP. Should I just give up MP?
  8. A member of the Staff baned me because my tag was "Stupid Idiot" He told me to change my tag and apeeal the ban but nobody checks it D=
  9. Hi, I have a ban appeal which i think is total bull. When will it get reviewed? Thanks.
  10. Guest

    Consideration of the appeal

    Hello !I am joining a topic.I was banned. I went back because I wanted to ask if you mate with the Mercedes does not need help because it looked like that was stuck on the side of the road, but I did not have to enter the right lane because there were barriers so as you can see in the video turned back with his belt to a colleague on the shoulder, but that was driving at the traffic lights emergency and roadside close to not pave the traffic and if you leave and give way if someone was driving.I wanted to help a friend, so I turned around only with the intention to help Mercedes-Benz.I was not in any case intend to deliberately break laws or regulations.Also I sent an appeal, because I had no intention to harm anyone in the game, and the only help a friend what is not, of course, does not change the fact of going against the current. However, to make it immediately ban? It was enough to simply warning;) Appeal link: http://truckersmp.com/pl_PL/appeals/view/6743 VIDEO:
  11. i viewd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x5oI35li38&feature=youtu.be&t=4m and his profile : http://truckersmp.com/en_US/user/100107 ↑ his profile i know that it is obvious blocking but it is not intended . he was arriven at zurich service center using F7 and he parked with his parking brake trodden. after he parking in service center , he exits ETS2. over times when he log in , he know he got banned . he don't know why his car is there and me too. so it is obvious it is not intened blocking!! admin please accept this ban appeal. he, me, and our teams want to play together. as i haven't no banrecord player, i know him he never blocking intended my profile : http://truckersmp.com/en_US/user/178673 have a nice day! written by 178673 [KOREA]
  12. Basically, four of us were in a game, and we all swore. I swore to my friend, and a jokey sort of way. But the three other occasions were provocative. They were trying to provoke the other party, and having a proper argument. Anyway, I got banned. I appealed, and said I 'hoped they were banned aswell'. The admin declined the appeal, and said that they were banned aswell. My friend was NOT banned. I need to speak with the admin, but I can't, as he already declined the appeal? Help please? Thanks guys
  13. Holmez

    Ban Appeal?

    Hi, i have posted a thread yesterday about me getting banned for lanuage etc. and said i was sorry and stuff. I just would like to say again, i am sorry, and also i never meant to do that, i have anger issues and get annoyed very easily, and as people were ramming me intentionally more than once, i got annoyed. So basically i'm posting this as the 'Ban Appeal' page is not up yet? My Steam Username: Holmezyy_ Steam Profile Name / In-game name: [s.PLH] HolmesYo Thanks.
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