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  1. Suggestion Name: Make report system tell user to keep evidence available forever Suggestion Description: When reporting user, if they receive a ban that is permanent, the website should specifically say that the evidence for this ban must be kept available forever How it looks right now: How it should look: Why should it be added?: At some times, the moderators handling reports do not specifically mention keeping the report evidence available forever if the ban is permanent. Most moderators specify the rule that mentions keeping evidence available for the duration of the ban + 1 month, however it may seem unclear along with the rest of the text regarding the report. The website however does not say to keep evidence available forever (not on the report site, at least). One might just take a quick glance, see the big 30 days, and assume they only need to keep it available for a month. It's unlikely, but possible.
  2. Execed

    Report System

    Hi, I personally don't see an issue with the report system - I've submitted 46 reports, of which 34 have been accepted. My limit is 20 reports. Not each declined report reduces your amount of reports. Same with accepted reports - it's not guaranteed you'll be able to report more users.
  3. I have a Huawei router (B525s-23a) and a wired connection. I contacted my ISP if they can fix this issue. So far, im waiting for my ISP to get back to me regarding the upload speed.
  4. Pressing the TAB menu my ping is stable. It stays at about 50ms and upon joining about 100ms. It's only when I upload ban evidence it spikes up to 600ms, but I usually do it when I finish playing, but even if I don't close the game whilst uploading I usually dont get kicked. (If anything, T-Mobile is also a mobile provider in Poland.)
  5. That's what I do, sometimes I get in, sometimes I don't. Later when I teleport to the crouded place I want to go to, it kicks me. Nothing. I close all programs that run or take bandwidth, and I disable all startup programs.
  6. This is kind of ridiciulous. I tried every solution I could find, I restarted my router, I changed the Ethernet Cable, I EVEN CHANGED MY ISP, I switched to Wi-Fi, nothing helps. This is because my connection is reliable, but I have a bit of lag when joining because the players are loading. This is then just triggering the TruckersMP system just to kick. I don't know if I should submit a suggestion to not kick if in a non collisions area (which you might be in when joining, like a garage or service station) for an unreliable connection for a short amount of time. This is just annoying, do you all know any other suggestions on how to fix it?
  7. If anyone wants to appeal, and the ban evidence contains the time of the occurance, the person appealing can skip to the time of a recording. I would like to have a recording going all the time, so if I get banned for something I didn't do on my screen I have evidence which I can skip to if I see the time.
  8. Great for people looking to get one of these! Helped me out alot. Thank you!
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