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  1. ETS2MP NEEDS MORE ADMINS. I was in Rotterdam / Europoort just 5 minutes ago. Coming out of Europoort i was smashed into by 2 greifers. then in Rotterdam people were BLOCKING THE ROAD AND NOONE COULD DRIVE! AND NO ADMIN WAS THERE TO DO ANYTHING. Here is an example::::::::::
  2. Holmez


    Help! i got kicked for blocking because somebody side-swiped me onto my side! I now try and reconnect and it says "OFFLINE" in the top corner!? does this mean i am banned or something?
  3. Holmez

    Ban Appeal

    Thanks. I just think its a bit much. Maybe if i went further by saying more worse things then yeh i wouldnt care i would aceept it. But seriously come on.
  4. Holmez

    Ban Appeal

    You think i deserve it? i only said idiot and F***er or something - i mean, thats nothing. but whatever ill take it, just know that alot of people dont like the mod because of the admins and stupid bans. but ok.
  5. Holmez

    Ban Appeal

    Hi i posted yesterday about getting banned 1 month. Basically im sorry, i wondered if i could get this reduced at all as i never meant to use the language i did and i know i was wrong, i got annoyed because the people were intentionally ramming me giving me damage to the point i could not drive, and i also have anger issues and get annoyed very easily, which i am extremely sorry for. So i wondered can i get this reduced or anything? I think it was Biggi i think his name was that banned me. Steam Username: holmezyy_ Steam Profile Name / In-Game Name: [s.PLH] HolmesYo I would like to say again i am sorry and wish i never did this, i never break rules on games and love this mod, i actually stream this sometimes too... it would never happen again. thanks
  6. Holmez

    Ban Appeal?

    Hi, i have posted a thread yesterday about me getting banned for lanuage etc. and said i was sorry and stuff. I just would like to say again, i am sorry, and also i never meant to do that, i have anger issues and get annoyed very easily, and as people were ramming me intentionally more than once, i got annoyed. So basically i'm posting this as the 'Ban Appeal' page is not up yet? My Steam Username: Holmezyy_ Steam Profile Name / In-game name: [s.PLH] HolmesYo Thanks.
  7. Hi, the ban appeal page isn't up yet. "Coming Soon" it says..?? -
  8. I would just to say sorry for the language and stoofs, i got mad cos they kept ramming me and i got over 50% damage from it. I'll wait out my 1 month i guess. I just wanted to say sorry too Biggi if thats his name (the admin). Sorry & when im back, it wont happen again Sorry its a topic i dont know how else to do it
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