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  1. Truck drifting without winter mod :wesmart:


  2. Weird glitch od C-D road



    1. TheGoodGuy1515


      Well i can only say thats one way of making tmp spookier


  3. Wanna buy a steering wheel but can't afford one? DYI Stool Wheel Controller 


  4. Hi, as you don't accept private messages I decided to post it on your public feed and I hope this does not cause you any inconvenience.

    You have rejected my report no. 202137 stating that the video evidence doesn't prove the reported player hit me. I disagree with this. Before the incident occurred, the player could be seen coming from Duisburg and recklessly overtaking on the wrong lane just a second before he hit me, then he can be seen at the front of my truck. I've made another video clearly showing the incident:


    Can you review my report by any chance?

    1. Penguin


      @WHITE. Thanks for the Clarification. On first looking at the report I was expecting him to come from the right, so thanks for pointing it out.

      I'll apply a ban.

    2. Anriandor


      /locked upon request

  5. Hi, I've just noticed that you used the video evidence from my report and banned this player: https://truckersmp.com/user/1086753 (1 week ban duration)
    I just want to point out that since this was his 4th offence, the player should be banned for a month. Could you please review this ban? Thanks

  6. Hi, I'm sorry for posting here but I have tried everything. My appeals are being rejected, my email sent to [email protected] over two weeks ago (17.04) have been ignored. My post in the help section of the forum has been trashed without an explanation.

    I've been banned, my mistake, but I disagree with the ban duration (1 month "due to history").

    According to the rules:


    Any bans further than 12 months before the current ban are ignored under this rule. This is considered the cooling off period. User has 3 bans, all within a year, add the 4th ban. User has 3 bans, first ban is over a year old. Then new ban is 3rd.

    IGA @verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG) is ignoring this rule and keeps rejecting my appeals.


    I would appreciate if you could help me in this matter.

    1. Scar


      Mails are not ignored, just queued. I will deal with your email as soon as I can.

    2. WHITE.


      OK, thanks

      Is the admin who doesn't follow the rules going to face any consequences?

    3. [S.PLH]Warrior


      this is going to be discussed internally with the admin. so for now please be patience, the mails getting done eventually like scarface said.

      please remember that creating such a content on the Community manager his status won't speed up the process. every email is important as all the others in the mailbox.


      therefore /locked

  7. Hi, in regard to my report you have banned the player for a month stating that it was his 4th punishment whilst actually it was his 5th punishment and he should've been banned for three months (his previous ban had been issued for a month). 

    1. [ zmaster ]

      [ zmaster ]

      yeah i see... @Trucking Australia gave him 1 month but didnt put in the reason that it was 4th punishment...  thats why...


      I'll fix it now.. thanks for bringing this to my attention...

      All fixed... http://prntscr.com/eminw5

  8. spread my wheels and fly away


  9. Is it a bug, or a feature?

    I can see players 12 kilometers away B)

    1. AllstarDK


      Might be a feature depending on the range you have put in TAB-settings to render other trucks. If you set it to maximum it could be possible to see other trucks up to 12km away :D

    2. Samiz [FIN]

      Samiz [FIN]

      ^ Still they disappear at 600-1000m. Its possible, but if you see 12km away, u maybe drive through other players who are near you because u cant see them (restarting game fixes that)

  10. Hi, you wrote:


    I've seen you created a new appeal, this appeal will be dealt with by a project manager.

    So when a PM will deal with it, you will have to accept that result wether it is accepted or declined. There is nothing else that can be done.


    This didn't happen, my appeal wasn't dealt with by a project manager, it was again dealt with by bonnm therefore I'd like to repeat my request.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. WHITE.


      Thanks a lot

    3. Netrix_CZE


      Prosím Pomoc :( mam ban pomuže mi někdo? :unsure::(

  11. Unfortunately my topic has been blocked for further replies thus I have to post it here.

    I no longer have the original email but I believe that my post is self-explanatory. I don't think it will make any sense if I just copy and paste it to a new email but I can do this if it's necessary.

    1. stilldre1976


      Strange..going by the video looks like you just rammed a car and got banned

    2. Scar


      I've seen you created a new appeal, this appeal will be dealt with by a project manager.

      So when a PM will deal with it, you will have to accept that result wether it is accepted or declined. There is nothing else that can be done.

  12. Hi, I hope that there is someone here who can help me with my issue. Long story short, I got banned last year, I made an appeal, IGA didn’t deal with my appeal correctly, I sent an email to [email protected] over 7 weeks ago and never got any response. This is a video recorded by the admin who banned me: Anyway, this is what happened from my perspective: I was leaving Calais and I noticed a car constantly slowing down and blocking traffic in the left lane. My first thought was it was one of the trolls who can be often seen in that location. As I approached closer it turned out to be an IGA @Bonnm who was apparently issuing bans while driving on a busy road. I drove past his scout in the right lane and then I decided to overtake a truck in front of me because it was badly lagging. I looked in a left mirror, turned my blinker on and I saw scout slowing down a bit. Now, after watching the provided video I can tell that at the time I turned my left blinker on he had about 500 ms lag - that's a half a second (not to mention my lag), that means he appeared to me at least half a second further behind, thus I had an impression that he slowed down and made a gap to let me in, but as soon as I started changing the lane he started to accelerate which can be clearly seen on the video. Unfortunately the back of my trailer came into contact with his car, but again, the maneuver was clear from my perspective due to the lag which had been a known issue on the EU server at that time. I admit that I might have not been cautious enough and I should've taken the lagging issues into account but I disagree that I was driving recklessly. He saw that I was changing the lane and yet he didn't try to avoid the collision and even started to accelerate. After I got banned I asked him for evidence but he locked the appeal so I was unable to even make a ban appeal for a week. I eventually made one. I politely explained what happened from my perspective then I had to wait another 10 days for his response which was: I sent an email to [email protected] on 28.12.2016 but I haven't received any response, I don’t know if anyone has even read it. I’ve tried to contact project managers (@Clarkinator and @HumaneWolf) by sending private messages on the forum with no success. I’ve made two more ban appeals but every time I received inadequate answers (written in broken English or copy-pasted game rules) from @Bonnm who either didn't read or just didn't understand what I wrote in my appeal messages. I have a reason to think that he doesn't handle my appeal correctly and competently enough. Also, the fact that he was involved in the traffic incident that led me being banned makes him subjective in this matter, thus I would like another admin to deal with my appeal. I'd like someone neutral and serious (preferably an adult or a senior member of the staff) to look into it, and to decide whether the permanent ban is really an appropriate punishment for such a "serious" offence. Anyway, according to my ban’s history this was my 5th ban, I pointed it out in my appeal but his reply was: Since I registered my account here I feel that rather than actually playing and enjoying the game I spent more time on dealing with nonsense accusations, making appeals, waiting for responses etc. I'm just a regular guy trying to play and enjoy the game with other players, I'm not a troll who wants to spoil the game experience. Look at my ban history and the reasons I was banned for. For instance once an admin didn't like my steam username "your mother" but it turned out it was not against the rules and even the project manager @Clarkinator confirmed it was ok to use this name so the ban was marked as ‘ban by mistake’ and removed from my history, then a few months later I was banned for 3 months for the very same username and my appeal was rejected. Any logic here? Nah. Now I have a permanent ban exclusively due to my ban history. Brilliant. This game should rather be called "Get Banned - Make an Appeal Simulator". Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate the game developers’ great work, I just think the admins should be more professional and mature not to mention that there's not enough admins at all. Once you get banned it takes a week for IGA to look into your appeal and even though your appeal is accepted, the long waiting time is a punishment in and of itself. There are probably a lot of similar cases but I'm guessing some banned players either use a different steam account to buy a new copy of ETS2 or just don't give a f*** and play SP. Should I just give up MP?
  13. I was buying a bag of dog food in a supermarket yesterday and while waiting in the checkout queue a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. I replied ‘no’ and that it was for me because I restart a dog food diet. Although I should not, because recently I ended up in hospital. But I managed to lose over 3 stones before I woke up in intensive care with tubes in most of holes in my body and with needles in both arms. I told her that this is a perfect diet and I always have my pockets filled with kibbles of dog food and eat one or two when I feel hungry. This kind of food contains all essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and I'm going to use it again. I must say that now everyone in the queue were enchanted by my story. The woman was shocked and asked whether I ended up in hospital because I got poisoned with the dog food. I replied that it wasn’t the reason. I just sat in the street to lick my bollocks and I got hit by a car.

    1. Shovali
    2. Forraz


      Well..I don't know if this is perfect for Reddit or 4chan. maybe both :lol: 

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