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Found 6 results

  1. Suggestion Name: An Easier Way To See a Players Current Ping or to access the Tab - Hello All, Suggestion Description: Over the past couple of days I have been coming up with new suggestions that could be rather handy for players in-game (American Truck Simulator & Eurotruck Simulator 2) on the TMP Servers. At times I believe that it can be hard to open up the Tab whilst you're driving if you need it. For example, you may need to open up the side panel to report someone but its not safe to pull over, or you need to check a players
  2. Suggestion Name: Trucker Blackbox Suggestion Description: I am tired of people ramming me just for no good reason. If you overtake me that is fine with me as long as you don't hit me like in real life trucking. However, they ram anyways. The first time I was in Las Vagas and following the rules stopping at every freaking light and from the other side the jerk cross 2 lanes of traffic just to ram me. I try to report them but I did not know how to at the time. After doing a quick reload and trying to find him, the guy was gone. I thought about it last night and came up wit
  3. Yesterday and today other truck drivers drove into my car frontally and both times I had a damage of more than 20.000 €. Is it possible to get these repairs refunded or do you have to pay such costs yourself?
  4. I propose to add a new command "/tps", will help people who are in a difficult situation, with an external order, to go to the service station without losing cargo. Probably everyone knows that, if you carry external orders , and had an accident to go to the service station (F7+Enter), it is necessary to cancel the transported cargo. I noticed, in game moderators, there is a command that teleports to the service station truck... and the cargo is not lost, and remains with the truck. Please allow in multiplayer, this command only for players carrying the external order. And mak
  5. How to plan what you are going to do next to avoid accidents: On my own experience on TMP, I've noticed that most people don't look at their maps to see where they are going to turn and end up cutting someone. In this topic I'll give some tips to assist you to avoid cutting someone. STEP 1: Understanding your route Before leaving, take a look at your map (press M). It's good to see where you are going to pass. Watch out for sharp turns, clovers, gas stations, intersections etc. The point is be aware of what you will face. *image 1
  6. Nazwa Sugestii: Możliwość odtwarzania powtórki i ew. możliwość zapisywania jej. Opis Sugestii: Odtwarzanie powtórki można by dodać pod klawisz np F9 o ile nie jest w użytku bądź pod tab można by było dołączyć opcję odtworzenia i zapisania powtórki która miałaby minimum minutę czasu odtwarzania. Głównie chodzi o to żeby można było łatwo udowodnić czyjąś winą osobie która lubi poodwalać. Przykładowe obrazki: Nie posiadam. Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna?: Jak wiadomo często można spotkać jakiegoś odwalacza na ETS2 MP jak i ATS MP. Możliwość odtwarzania takich powtórek umożli
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