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  1. So, in real life as you know, truckers can carry more than one load at a time to different companies. they set their route and they deliver the cargos one by one. so I've been waiting for this feature for a long time but I haven't even seen this feature discussed anywhere. (if so i'm sorry, I missed maybe) It would be nice if we could get other jobs if it's on our way and also the decision making part would be nice like "Which cargo should I deliver first? Which route should I take?" etc. I gave up about other things I want like stickers on truck, interior lighting without mods but, for this feature, I'll keep waiting. ? (sorry if i made a language mistake, english is not my native)
  2. For example: job dispatcher for ownable trailers Suggestion Name: job dispatcher for ownable trailers Suggestion Description: job dispatcher for every ownable trailers whereever you want (also hct and doubles etc.) Any example images: / Why should it be added?: because then players have more fun and can drive together with ownable trailers ???
  3. Hello everyone, my question in title maybe stupid... but how can I found it job (only one) from list because I need it for achiv? I'm doing Orient Express achiv and start from Paris to Strasbourg, then in Strasbourg can't found next job to Munich. Anyone have same problem and how solved it? Btw my jobs list not empty, is economic reset only solution or I can try something other? What I lost if reset economy again, because I reset it few month ago when jobs list was empty. Thank you for answer.
  4. Hello, I was just wondering what the busiest place to go around and do jobs. I’m unsure where now as the new DLC has just come out. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hello, my problem is that I have every country-DLC but I don't get any jobs from or to one of these countries. I already try to solve the problem, but I cannot connect my DLCs to WoT. I tryed to LogOut/In from WoT-acc in Ets. I tryed to reinstall the DLCs. I tryed to connect the DLC in ETS/options/Online, but thats the thing I gonna see if I open this option -> Transleted in english, "no connection to new content of Wot, cause the Steam-acc you use isn't the acc which is used from Wot". But I am connected to Wot with this acc/profile in ETS, cause I get external Jobs, but just to the usuall cities, not the DLC cities. Also if I look at WoT, I see my archievments and WoT-event-gifts I got cause I succesfully complete those event-jobs. And I also got these gifts ingame, I can use them. So I hope anyone of you can help me. And thank you. neuJ kun
  6. Hello, What would I do if I dont get any jobs to take in-game? Thanks for helping me //willliam
  7. Asnep

    NO JOBS :(

    ok so im trying to get a cargo market job with my own trailer and it says there are currently no avaiable cargoes for your trailer
  8. Hi everyone! Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Sorry, I honestly don't know which one it is. I will just copy what shows up on the TruckersMP Launcher. It started after the update to ETS2 1.32. Installed Updater Version: Current Updater Version: Supported ETS2 Version: Current Patch Version: Controllers Used: Logitech G29 Description of Issue: On previous versions, there would be lots of jobs available on the Freight Market, filling all the pages available, and with high paying jobs using all the skills that I currently have on my drivers. Currently, there are very few jobs, and the highest paying ones are the Caravans, which makes no sense. I tried sleeping, quick travelling to other Garages, but the problems remains. How to reproduce: Open the Freight Market jobs. Screenshots / Videos: Attached Thank you!!
  9. So I just played my first half an hour in multiplayer and I encountered the late delivery bug (when the game tells you you were X amount of days late for delivery even though you were not), and now I can't see any quick jobs in either multiplayer or singleplayer. (1) Does this bug only happen once? And is it preventable? (2) Did the bug cause the empty jobs list? And if so, how can I solve it? Thank you.
  10. You've got no jobs on your job list, what do you do? Follow this guide, and I will talk you through how to fix your jobs list Close ETS2, but keep Steam open Open your ETS2 profiles folder in your Documents (on Windows, this is usually "C:\Users\[your user name here]\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles") Navigate to the profile in which the issue is occuring (if unsure, look at the date in which the fodler was "modified" and this will tell you which is which, as long as your last used profile was the one you are having problems with) Open config.cfg with a program. Anything as simple as Notepad can open it, as it is not one of those "awkward" documents Navigate to "uset g_force_economy_reset", usually the 9th line down in the document. Next to the command, change the number in the speech marks ("#") to 1 (it should be 0, if not then you may have to start your game and close it again) Save (Ctrl + S is the quickest) and exit out of the document. Re-open TruckersMP/ETS2 A dialog will appear when loaded acknowledging that it has etetcted a change in the settings, just okay this (note your truck will be parked at its garage due to this change) Done! The number in the document will reset back to 0, so you can redo this when it occurs again. So why did this happen? If you use Quick Jobs, then this is your direct problem. In MP, there are often glitches with the Quick Jobs, mainly because of the time change when you load in. This method might be handy with that as you will be marked as late for your job if you load straight in with a quick job. If you own a truck, then this might be one of rare glitches and you shouldn't really worry. However if this keeps on happening, test single player. If the problem does happen then I would advise that you contact SCS Software (the creators of ETS2) as this might be a problem with the software. If the problem doesn't happen then keep on using this method. If it bugs you too much, contact TruckersMP support, and explain the issue to them. I know alot of people already know about this trick, but I wanted to highlight it to those beginners on TruckersMP who might be experiencing this problem for the first time (as I was in that position not so long ago) I hope this guide was helpful, do feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you have anymore issues about this problem which I didn't mension in the main post. Thanks
  11. 2mara1

    No Jobs

    Hello everyone! Sometimes I run my game and open jobs page. I see nothing on that list and it's empty. When I choose a city where to take a job it do nothing. Sometimes it fix just after restart of game, sometimes after restart of PC or just waiting till something happen. Is there any way to fix it in the moment? :/ Thank you for any idea or solution.
  12. So, i see this question a lot and as far as I know (correct me if i'm wrong) there are no other help topics on it. So I thought I would make one, just to help you. I know that most of the time when you start up Truckers.MP that there are no jobs to pick from in the job market, its a common question, "how do I solve it?" Its actually a really simple answer: You don't have to exit the game again, (as I used to do) you just drive to a rest area and sleep, when you check the job market again the usual jobs will be there. It works by resetting the job market to update to the Truckers.MP server time. Hope this helped, have a nice day!
  13. Less distances for transport I created a new profile and Hack Money, Level and Up Skills but Less distances for transport. What should I do? Or I should not be hacked.
  14. Witam mam problem z zleceniami. Mianowicie moja gra ich po prostu nie widzi żadnych zleceń. Po resecie ekonomi nie rynek przesyłek się pojawia natomiast zakładka zlecenia jest wciąż pusta gdzie mój kolega ma tam pełno przesyłek będąc na tym samym poziomie gry. Nie wiem co z tym zrobić a to odbiera całą przyjemność z gry . Nie posiadam żadnych modów ani DLC, reainstal oraz sprawdzenie spójności plików nic nie pomaga... POMOCY !!!
  15. Hello truckers, Today me and my friend decided to make a convoy. Both of us saved the game and after that we went to "ets2sync.com", downloaded the synced file game.sii after all we replaced the file. In game i loaded the game but my friend got a "error" which says that he has mods which they're making problems and they're not compatible and we cannot take a similiar jobs. What could he does ?
  16. For some reason my game has bugged out and i now can not get jobs from "External Contracts" which is normally where i get my high priced cargo,it'll come up with a message saying i have another contract pending, when i actually dont, and it makes it impossible to get any good money coming in.
  17. Hello, Would like to know the possible ways of me and my friend getting the same type of jobs I think there must be couple of different ways.
  18. Hello, I am new to truckersMP. I started my game in Poland and after my first delivery I was late by 8000 hours. There is no jobs available in the quick job selections. Please help. I am playing Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  19. Hi, I can't seem to take a rest at the station as the time just stuck on the spot, and there are no jobs that appeared when I clicked the map to see. Anybody knows why? Thanks!
  20. So this wasn't a problem at first, I never had to reset the economy before but just like that there was no jobs to take. So I used the "g_force_economy_reset 1" command and it worket. Here's the thing tho, I have to do this EVERY SINGEL TIME I want to play MP. It's really annoying since it puts me back at HQ as well. And as if that wasn't enough I have to do this in the config file because if I do it in the console I crash when I exit for some reason. Any idea if there's a fix to this or will I simply have to start from HQ every singel time I wanna play? ;_;
  21. Guest

    Free style jobs

    İ cant see any free style jobs at the cities. I have checked 3 cities all firms. But i cant see any free jobs. Only there are world of trucks jobs. Anyone help?
  22. Idont have any jobs to do. What i can do in this situation?
  23. Hey, yesterday I had a problem. I wanted to make a Job with my friends. But I wasn´t able to... That´s my question: How can my friends and I do the same Job and drive together?
  24. When I switch the schwarzmuller trailer to a supported trailer, it still shows job unsupported. How can I fix?
  25. Mod Version: Used: DualShock 4 Wireless ControllerDescription of Issue: Just get ready to take this job, then it say unsupported.How to reproduce: Get any short jobs.Screenshots / Videos:
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