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  1. I tried it without mods already, and I also tried it with the adjustment under online, like in the image. But if you look in my Image I cannot use the connect button, cause of the message they show me. I translate it under my image. I need help to solve the problem that I can use the connect button, cause it isn't open to click on it. So thats what you both said, isn't possible for me, cause I already do it, or tried it. Need an other option to solve the problem I have. Here's pic, from my profiles -> I am already connec
  2. Hello, my problem is that I have every country-DLC but I don't get any jobs from or to one of these countries. I already try to solve the problem, but I cannot connect my DLCs to WoT. I tryed to LogOut/In from WoT-acc in Ets. I tryed to reinstall the DLCs. I tryed to connect the DLC in ETS/options/Online, but thats the thing I gonna see if I open this option -> Transleted in english, "no connection to new content of Wot, cause the Steam-acc you use isn't the acc which is used from Wot". But I am connected to Wot with this acc/
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