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Found 680 results

  1. Gdy uruchomie ETS2MP jezdze okolo 10 minut i gra sie wylacza i pisze ze fatal error, prosze o pomoc poniewaz tak nie da sie grac
  2. shiIoh

    Winter Mod Bug

    I cannot install the base winter mod file (frosty_7_3) without the game almost freezing without me being able to load in. If I am able to load in correctly, the game's FPS is very low and there are blue beams flying allover the place. I have checked to make sure the files were installed correctly, and they are not corrupted. Physics work just fine, it's the base winter mod that I'm having trouble with.
  3. Hello Guys! So my problem: When i´m trying to start The Game (TruckersMP not the Singleplayer) It says unsupported version. I already tried every Version from the Game and it still doesn´t work Please help me and Merry X-mas!
  4. So everything would be fine, but i don't see snow on trees, grass, bushes in game. Problem only persist on Multiplayer screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/z1fjrCM
  5. hello everyone, i have a problem with ats, when i open from truckersmp laucher.. after some minutes the screen turns black, press alt+ tap the screen works, back to game and again after a minutes turns black, i dont know how solve this.
  6. Kraksters

    Lag spikes

    Greetings! I'm playing ETS2 and multiplayer for very long time, I never had any problems for playing mp for almost 1000h, but today something happened. I turned on multiplayer, started driving and I had massive lag spikes when players are started showing at TAB from 700m. Like I played multiplayer yesterday, was enjoying new Road to Black Sea DLC I played for like 5 hours and didn't have any lag spikes even if there was many people,. And every time when someone new being shown on distance I have those lag spikes for a 1-2 seconds. And because of these lag spikes I almost crashed in few players. I tried everything to solve it by myself: Upgraded GPU drivers, lowered game settings, turn off Load Cabin Accessories and others. Also when players shown on TAB GPU usage drops so bad. But problem is still there. My internet also is fine don't have high ping, the max ping is 60ms, but it's only on Simulation 1 when server is almost full. Also I was testing single player to make sure if this is my PC problem or game problem, but in single player everything working fine without any problems. So I really wondering what cause this and I'm waiting for any people who could help me fix this issue. Also will leave PC specs. GPU: MSI GEFORCE GTX1050 TI GAMING X 4GB CPU: INTEL® CORE™ I5-7500 3.4 GHZ SSD: 240GB HDD: 1TB RAM: 16,00 GB Windows 10 64-bit operating system with x64-based processor
  7. Drexyy

    500 kb

    (You have used 506.28 kB of your 500 kB attachment limit) Merhaba hocam bu 500 kb limitini arttırmak veya kaldırmak gibi bir seçeneğimiz var mı birde yüksek çözünürlükte fotoğraf atamıyormuyuz yardımcı olursanız sevinirim ♥
  8. Здравствуйте,у меня такая проблема с запуском TruckersMP в окне регистрации изменилось разрешение, хотя в самой игре все нормально
  9. i´m having issues when i try to play ets2 with the truckers mp launcher the game slow down a lot like to 5 or 10 fps it´s unplayable, but when i play on the steam launcher or the shorcut it run normally i always play on a 4k display and my pc specs are: 16gb ddr4 2800 mhz, rx 590 8gb, amd ryzen 5 2600
  10. Hello Everyone, im looking for a solution for my problem, Both Ats & Ets2 games keep closing out when I go to click on one of my profiles, I have reinstalled the launcher, I tried it again still happened, reinstalled the game and it happpend again, I reset my wifi happened again, any solutions? id really hate to come to the worst...
  11. Dear TMP community, first sry for my bad english but my question is: I buied the DAF Tuningpack and i can play it in singleplayer but not in the MP. Why? I can go to the DLC´s Button but i can´t activate the DLC. Please help me. Thanks for all the help! Greetings Vendetta !
  12. Hello Everyone,I have a quesiton to you (You have used 506.28 kB of your 500 kB attachment limit) How can I eliminate this error?
  13. witam mam taki problem z cb rozmawiać z obsługiwanymi moge i ja słyszeć ich normalnie ale w kabinie jest na wyłączony myszką nie moge iść klikać dajcie propozycje co moge zrobić. {z góry dzięki za pomoc}
  14. This is a weird thing, I have a wireless xbox one controller that i use for pc gaming, when i play normal ETS2 the controller is detected and everything works but when i try to use the controller in truckersmp it does not detect the controller at all I have tried to play the mod in administrator mode and i've played the controller connected to the PC via the plug and charge connector but it can't find the controller at all in the mod could someone help me please? Thank You
  15. Hi there, I know when I was new it took me a while to get find this out so I hope this helps people... ------------------------------------------Key Bindings specific to multiplayer----------------------------------------------- Open Chat = 'Y' Toggle Chat = 'F9' Toggle Name Tags = 'F11' Show Nearby players list = 'Tab' Push-to-Talk = 'V' Changed to 'X' now if you have the most current version *to use the mouse whilst the tab menu is open right click* -----------------------------------------Using the Tab Menu--------------------------------------- To open or close just press the tab button. When you open the tab menu you see a list of the players that are near by. Along the bottom there is a cog, this is the setting button. You can click on here and it brings lots of options. For example here you can set your unique player tag and the colour of it. There is also lots of options that are specific to the Multiplayer function of the game. *Note Player Tags Remain across game sessions* Any changes that are made on the settings menu must be completed by you clicking the apply button then the 'Ok' Button. When setting a Player Tag you are not permitted to set it to something that implies you are a member of staff, e.g. Admin or Police etc. This may result in In-Game-Moderators taking action how they see fit. The rules say: Impersonating Administration - Ban It is forbidden to impersonate administration or act as law enforcement such as police. This includes tags, username, paintjobs, lights, etc that would indicate you are behaving as an administrator. ------------------------------Near by Players list-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the main feature on the Tab menu. There is lots of information displayed on this page. From left to right the information is: ID Number specific to that gaming session (it is assigned as the number of player from the slots available on the server) | The Player's Username | The players ping | The Players distance from you | --------------------------------Functions on the Players list---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To open a players profile: simply click on their name You then have the option along the bottom of the window to either open their steam or truckers profile To Report a player: Click on their name At the bottom a button labelled 'Report' appears. Click it Select the reason and submit it. Reports must be legitimate and should not be made out of revenge. If the case is serious you may wish to take your own evidence. The Rules Say: Chat and Report Spamming - Kick / Ban Spamming the use of commands both to other users and commands as a whole or anything similar. ---------------------------------------------Using Voice Chat------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Multiplayer function allows players to communicate in-game using the voice chat function. This works on a push to talk basis by pressing the 'V' key. For the duration the key is pressed your voice is transmitted. This will transmit your voice onto people who are on the same CB radio frequency as you and who are near by. To change your radio frequency, in first person locate your radio stack. In trucks it is generally above your head, in cars it's on your dash board. To change the frequency look enable your mouse by pressing 'Tab' then 'Right Clicking' Click on the stack around the place where the largest knob is. It might take a few attempts. This will cycle through the available frequencies you can broadcast on. As with the in-game test chat there is rules to follow. No spamming, use of profanity or playing of music. This may result in a ban by an in-game moderator. ------------------Using Text Chat--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To open the chat just press 'Y' Then a chat window appears on the left of your screen. Simply type and your message will be entered. Then Press 'Enter' to send your message. This message is sent to anyone Spamming in chat is against the game rules To send a Private Message (PM) Open the chat window as normal by pressing 'Y'. then type '/pm' (don't input the inverted commas) Then press 'space' and enter the ID code of the player you wish to PM. (The ID code is shown as the number above the players truck or the number on the left in the Tab Menu.) Then press space again and type your message. To send press 'Enter' If you did this process wrong then a red message is displayed. All Personal messages are in white. Example of a personal message: /pm 1234 I learnt how to do this on TruckersMP Forum Please remember that all chat messages must follow the rules set forward by the moderators, swearing at and insulting players is not tolerated, at any degree, and is a banable offence. Taking from the rules: Profanity - Kick / Ban Swearing or using any words that may be deemed inappropriate or anything similar. Insulting Users / Insulting Administration - Temporary / Permanent Ban Swearing or using any words that may be deemed inappropriate towards other users or administration or anything similar. -------------------------------------------------------------Ending------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope this helps all new users to get on their way towards integrating into the Multiplayer community much quicker and easier. If you have any questions or require further help, please contact me and we will see if we can get the issue resolved. Thank you, Miles For a full list of rules follow this link: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/rules
  16. İnternetimde herhangi bir sorun yok Forumdaki her çözüm yazılarını uyguladım ama olmadı oyuna giremiyorum hata kodu ve fotosu linkte fotoğraf olarak mevcut yardımlarınızı bekliyorum... ( https://s2.dosya.tc/server11/fc89s5/SSS.png.html )
  17. This time its more simple. I created a VtC,but i dont liked it. I Wanna delete it How do I make that? (I Will enter Valtox)
  18. Hello Everyone!. I have a Question. Does anyone know how is this posible?? And is it allowed? Thank You for your Reply Best Regards Boomatisch
  19. GT900


    So I Just created my VTC. Paper Transports. I See a lot of VTC using custom paintjobs How I make then Thanks For Help,GT900
  20. How do i setup discord RSS feed for TruckersMP i have no idea what i do.
  21. GT900

    I need Help.

    So i just downloaded truckersMP. All was going right until my first job. I really need help with this problems. My first cargo always its late like 8000 days.Then I make it and no jobs appear. Its impossible to play now.Can someone help me?
  22. I can not get me MP to detect ATS path. I have the disk version where do I go to path this. any answers help. Thanks
  23. Hello, I'm having an issue with TruckersMP right now, suddenly I've been playing normal but then it just disconnects. Then it kept repeating the same message that it'll try to reconnect after 10 seconds. Any help would be highly appreciated please! Thanks! EDIT: The Server I'm trying to connect in is Simulation 1 EU. I attached an image just now. I don't know if it happens on other servers.
  24. hello just came to me for the first time this error i will be glad someone has a solution to this problem
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