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Found 636 results

  1. Bonjour, je poste aujourd'hui car étant nul en édition de sauvegarde, je ne comprend pas comment avoir la remorque "SCS On The Road" en multijoueur. J'ai bien suivie le tutoriel de @LordBenji . jusqu'à ce que j'arrive au fichier "game.sii" décrypté. Maintenant je ne sais pas où copier le le code : " vehicle_addon_accessory : _nameless.2fa.1376.3840 { slot_name: 0 slot_hookup: 0 wear: 0 data_path: "/def/vehicle/trailer/etrc_trailer_1/boxliner/container_scs.sii " Pour pouvoir ajouter la remorque en question. J'aimerais savoir comment faire, si j'ai fait n'importe quoi ou pas :') Merci de vos réponses
  2. Hello everybody! I hope you can understand my English, because I'm relative young and write some mistakes. My Question is how can I get an Trailer, I've seen. I've seen a few days ago a lot of Trailers in Italy. It looked like Racing Trucks. The Trailer was blue, and at the end of the trailer was a truck. The truck was painted for racing I think. If I droved in my garage, I've seen as well a cup from this Trailer in another truck. Now is my question: How can I get this things? It will be nice if you can help me Bye.
  3. Hello. So as you could already imagine I have massive FPS issues. I play with everything on low 720p and I get 20fps.. I have a GeForce GT 1030 Intel Core i5-2400 8GB RAM DDR3 Please help me!
  4. Hiya people! Just have a little question directed at anybody who records ETS2 MP with OBS... what are your settings? OBS for me works fine for a bunch of other games I play, but just seems to hate this game now. It doesn't lag when I'm in the menu screen but as soon as I go to drive or do anything in the game, my FPS in the recording just dies, while my FPS while I'm actually playing is totally fine and not stuttering at all. It started happening maybe a month ago, and I just haven't been able to figure out why it's doing this or how to fix it. So I thought I'd ask here! Any help is appreciated, so long as what you've tried or done actually works!
  5. Hello, I am using my friends account to post on this forum. I am currently having issues signing up for an account on the website. I have bought Euro Truck simulator 2 and i have played for more than 2 hours and I am still having issues signing up. Help would be very much appreciated Thank You.
  6. Witam, Nie wiem gdzie napisać ale mam pewny problem z etsem, podczas gdy włączam całą grę. Po czym mam taki otóż komunikat.
  7. Good evening, I've had this problem for a while, and I've done practically all the methods presented in the forum and nothing solves how can you help me?
  8. Hi there, I was downloading Truckersmp, as I wanted to start the application this error message pops out. Can anyone help me? -kenny
  9. Hello. I come to you asking how to repair the error that in any company I can not take orders and if I manage to take it, I write that your client expects delivery any moment and then I do not get any money ... please help me quickly!
  10. so i load up truckers mp and where i pess login it keeps telling me invalid email or password when i know for a fact its right, i changed my pass still no luck, i even re installed truckersmp and still have sasme issue
  11. Whenever I get mods from https://atsmods.lt/?s=multiplayer I Download them Save them in single player open TruckersMP load Ats try to play and it says Mods Missing. What are some ways I and others truckers can fix this problem? Long_Frames_for_Daycabs.scs doblemufflebyjose.scs SCS_389_Multiplayer_Long_Chassis_625HP.scs
  12. Hello Sirs, I have a connection problem in my game. Soon after I log in and enter the game this error occurs "[SYSTEM] - Unreliable Connection" Can anyone help me? I can not play Truckers MP any longer!
  13. Hey everyone! I'm new to the AMT game and truckersMP. So i just got myself online about an hour ago, and i went to do my first run. I chose my job from the quick job menu as I didnt own my own truck yet. I picked a longer haul worth about 19k. Got on the road, didnt need to stop for a rest for some reason even though the run was over 7hrs, i didnt get sleepy at all. (not sure if that feature is removed here or not. no biggy either way.) Got to the drop off, backed myself in for maximum XP. and completed the job. I was watching the cash roll in when i noticed that at the top of the summary it said LATE. And then i looked at the time for the run and it said that it took 173,000 hours. obviously this is a mistake. but a costly one, i lost a rank and about 25k cause i had to pay for the late delivery. is this common? im kinda at a loss here.
  14. Hi all. I tried logging on to truckersmp as usual but the server took an awfully long time to log me in before displaying a message saying "unknown authentication error. server couldn't connect to api truckersmp port 443. timed out". While this is not the first time this has happened to me. It seems to be a thorn in the side to solve this time round. Anyone experiencing the same issue?
  15. Hello everyone, i have a Problem with my TruckersMP Launcher. Since the update to 1.34 donen´t work my TrukcersMP. When i will start my Game, than i have an Error. I also have restart my Computer and i have deactivating my anti-virus software. I have install TruckersMP new and nothing works. Do you have an Idea? LG
  16. Şimdi Ets2Mp de Yolda giderken kendiliğinden simge durumuna küçültüp masaüstüne atıyor sonra hemen oyuna atıyor ve world of trucks fotolarını gösterdiği yükleme ekranı gelip oyuna devam ediyor 1 kaç dk sonra Game crash Hatası veriyor Ben Bu Sorunu Bir Türlü Çözemedim Lütfen Yardim Ya ben bu oyunu sil yeniden yükle diyolar ama sildim yeniden yükledim olmadi formatimda sıkıntı yok SORUNU NASIL CÖZEBİLİRİZ Video Linki : Video Linki :
  17. Kolega po formacie stracił profil (Chodzi o ten z gry "Zapis") ale mial go podpiętego do steam cloud i musi wszystko od nowa jechać (Tak jakby nowy profil założyć) Jak zrobić tak aby profil odzyskać z steam tak aby on z powrotem pojawił się w menu? Proszę o porady
  18. I've been flipped over, and I don't know how to get back up without paying the service fee! I tried /fix but that just heals damage. any help?
  19. English:My ETS2 version is already 1.33x but launcher senses my version is 1.31 i deleted launcher and downloaded again,changed version by the steam betas but i can't solve my problem guys, can you help me? link of screenshot: https://i.hizliresim.com/OvL4VA.png Türkçe:Arkadaşlar dün ets2 indirdim,oynama saatim de tam fakat oyunu multiplayer olarak çalıştırmaya çalıştığımda unsupported version hatası veriyor ve sürümümü 1.31 olarak algılıyor,steam betalarından da 1.33x i seçtim fakat çözüm bulamıyorum,yardımcı olur musunuz? ekran görüntüsü linki: https://i.hizliresim.com/OvL4VA.png
  20. Please Error Videos watch video everything narrate Error Videos : 1 Error Videos : 2 Error Videos : 3 Game crash.log file : http://www.dosya.tc/server16/l12mtr/game.crash.zip.html Game.log file: http://s3.dosya.tc/server18/odvqw3/game.log.zip.html last_crash file : http://s7.dosya.tc/server12/xnk8u2/last_crash.zip.html
  21. I would like to ask what the role of external missions, and why the limit of 90 km / h, I would like to ask whether this limit can be lifted.
  22. Dosya boyutu büyük olduğu için buraya yükleyemedim. Aşağıda vermiş olduğum 3 link farklı araçlar. Lütfen her birine bakarmısınız? Ban sebebi olan varmı. NOT: Hiçbirinde parlatma yoktur. volvo: http://www.mediafire.com/view/xkde7x42v7vjcxy/b.png iveco: http://www.mediafire.com/view/6jhawjy22ggj9h2/c.png karışık: http://www.mediafire.com/view/rma2e6y6asg4q3r/ets2_20190105_160925_00.png
  23. From no where i get this red text and getting kicked. Whats wrong?
  24. Asnep

    NO JOBS :(

    ok so im trying to get a cargo market job with my own trailer and it says there are currently no avaiable cargoes for your trailer
  25. As you can see when i open the launcher this popup comes up. Ive tried running truckersmp as admin, still does not work. I think its a problem with the files.
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