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  1. Imagine Duisburg as a Pool and the NCZ before the change as sources of water and the roads as ways for water to flow. Each bottle is the same size with the same output and there are 4 of them (Garage, 2 Companies and a repair place). Now we go to the outlet of the pool that is just 1 hole that can't keep up with the ammount of water getting into it,if the input is too big we get traffic and the entire city slows down to a crawl. Now what the change did is merge all of the bottles into 1 so you can't just have 2 bottles go at max power the entire thing goes full power overflowing the city with people trying to get out of the city. Extending it to the gas station would only make it worst because now the pileup in the city will increase
  2. But then the problem of all the people going out thro 1 small point is only pushed back down the line not fixing anything and it only made it worste because now from 4 NCZ zones that were small and all lead to the main roads it turned into 1 big NCZ everyone is forced to go thro
  3. Yes i do understand that they have their own Live's and i patriciate that they spend their free time on this game but i just don't see any organization. They way i see it being fixed is just ASK the entire admin team that "Hey we need people during hours X-Y we need 3-4 people per single time frame anybody here that has free time during those time frames please respond" Then you get those 3 people into a small teams and then they in between themselves split the work. The teams would change every week making it disperse the load on the entire ets2mp team.
  4. Also pls assign admins to be in Duisburg 24/7 and not "Moderate whenever you want". I understand it's a volunteer job but if you don't have that much time to spend on it then just step down and come back when you do have free time to moderate the game
  5. Ye guys the only thing we done is extend the bottleneck even further.... Pls remove it to like it was
  6. I solved my problem using the Virtual speditor. It was not a "cargo not loading at all" problem i was just asking for a program that would let me add custom cargo jobs without having to wait for one to a city i want
  7. Hello i have a question about HTC double trailers in Ets 2 mp and now i can get cargo for them outside of Finland. I got one HTC trailer in Germany that i got there using a mod from the workshop in single-player but when i join multiplayer i don't have any cargo for it available. I am asking is there any program or a tool that i can use to add cargo into the game? I seen some people use that type of programs but when i click on the links that are here they are ded or they expired along with the pictures that helped with the setup.
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