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Found 10 results

  1. Guten Morgen, Ich habe ein Problem was ich mir selber nicht erklären kann! Jedesmal wenn ich TruckersMP starte und in Simulation 1 Joine, werde ich in ca. 1-5 min gekickt. Der Grund ist immer das selbe "unreliable connection" was ich mir echt gar nicht erklären kann, da ich eine echt starke Internet Leitung habe 250mb↓ und 20mb↑(Bild ist unten). Ich habe mein PC auch über LAN ans WLAN verbunden. Hat jemand eine Lösung für mich? So langsam vergeht einem echt der Spaß. Ich danke euch im vorraus.
  2. Olá , venho enfrentando 3 a 4 meses o problema onde diz que minha conexão não é confiável . Nunca tive esse problema , e agora está praticamente impossível jogar no servidor . Testei em todos os servidores , Europa 1 , Europa 2 , US e até mesmo o Arcade , e mesmo assim continuo tomando kick na hora que entro e as vezes logo após . Olhei alguns tópicos aqui no forum , evitei cidades grandes e com movimento e mesmo assim o problema persiste . Minha internet é de qualidade , tenho fibra óptica , gostaria de um posicionamento da equipe de suporte , pois vejo várias pessoas com o mesmo problema !
  3. Today i wanted to play Truckersmp (ets 2) and i played it everything was working fine, after 1 hour my game crashed and now when i start truckers mp in game it shows unreliable connection error. I tried using administrator mode,uninstall,pc reboot? I also tried without admin but without it show same error but after 2 secounds game crashes with FATAL ERROR. Sorry for my bad English im from Poland and this is probably my first post there. (sloved) Waited 1 minute instead of instant clickind drive then it will work
  4. Hey, well, I've read lots and lots of topics about that, and all I can say is: It is not a user problem all the times! I've a stable ping, lower than my friends, no packet loss, no problems at all, but I still get kicked RANDOMLY, there can be only me in the area, me and a friend, me and a convoy, or me at Calais. But in the same way, there are times when I'm playing in places with 20+ people and I don't get kicked. Basically, the Unreliable Connection kick is a RANDOM kick sometimes and it ruins the experience Some answers in ahead for the people who are going to come with Copy and Paste answers: 1. If I wanna play in places with low population I'll play single-player. 2. No, my ping stays at 280~ and don't go over 300 nor less than 250. 3. My FPS stays stable at 50. 4. I've used the console for entire deliveries, I don't have ANY packet loss. 5. IT. IS. NOT. A. USER. PROBLEM. (Also: I've tested and yes, using a VPN works, but it is a pain to find a good server)
  5. Pretty much, got the same problem again as i mentioned back in my first support help forum post. Hi. Everytime i got my job done, after i click "continue" at the job done menu (you know the menu when you get XP after a job done), i got kicked because unreliable connection while my internet is in a good condition. i need some solution for this as its getting annoying to relaunch ETS 2 MP everytime i got a job done because after i click continue, i keep getting kicked because of unreliable connection. i really need a permanent solution down here as the fact clearing my DNS cache and restarting my router wont even help. Also note my Internet connection is already good enough to play TMP.
  6. Hello Everyone I Was Wondering If There Was A Fix To This I've Tried To Join On ATS Server And This Same Very Message Pops Up My Internet is fine and never had problems with my internet I don't have any pop blocks on my PC Nor Do I Have Virus Programs On In The Background Help ?
  7. Every time I try to go in the EU1 server and when I click on Drive just before I load into the game I get kicked for unreliable connection. I have even tried running the game as an administrator. It won't let me load into the game at all it puts me in offline mode every time. The game worked fine before this update. Please help me as I can't wait to get back into the game. Thank you.
  8. Hello, so I've decided to reinstall truckers mp after I've upgraded my PC and when I enter the server Simulation 1 I get kicked after about 5 or 10 minutes. It says something about unreliable connection. Is there any fix or should I just wait for another update? Edit: Now I've change to the other Simulation server and the connection constantly breaks when I arrive in a city.
  9. Hi Community, Thanks for reading this topic! Since this week i have lots of trouble with lagg, its soo annoying. I know its not my computer for sure. Since it runned ETS 2 always good. But now with everything i do my game freezes for arround 10secs and then continue. For example im loading in and choose what server i want to join after that click my game freezes for couple seconds and then the mouse click has an action. Aswell with driving it freezes, and then i get kicked for "unreliable connection" Im getting really frustrated. Can please someoene help me. (This problem does aswell occur on singeplayer) Best kinds, Tim PC specs : i5-4440 16GB Ram DDR3 GTX 970
  10. Guten Tag die Damen und Herren, Ich werde seit ein paar Tagen dauernd wegen Unreliable Connection vom Server gesc hmissen und weiß nicht mehr weiter. Laut meines Wissen bedeutet das ja, dass ich eine schlechte Verbindung habe, was bei mir nicht zu trifft. Ich habe dauernd einen Ping ~35ms einen Geschwindigkeit von 16mb ↓ und 1mb ↑. (Bild ist unten) Im Hintergrund läuft immer nur Steam, FPH Sped-V (plus Telemetry) und Discord und derzeit hat es nie Probleme gegeben. Wer kann mir Helfen? chat_08_01_2019.log
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