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  1. So I went to play ATS mp but it says this. Does anyone know how to fix this? ATS is attempting to launch with the optional parameters shown below. "Files\TruckersMP Launcher\Launcher.exe" If you did not request this launch or do not understand these options, select cancel. And if i press ok i go to SP, pls help.
  2. Hello, I'm here again. A few months ago I came here to ask for help on the same subject, but without solution. I tried various ways and ways to solve my problem. My problem is: Truckers MP with the game ETS2. As the picture below shows, I enter the game but the ping of the other players is 0 and their trucks do not move, only the wheels. Help me. NOTE: I have already uninstalled the game, deleted the Truckers MP cache folders, and have already reinstalled it.
  3. Please help I get this when I launch TruckersMP??? >>><<<
  4. Hi Recently, SCS update ETS2 to and TruckersMP only support When i start truckersmp, i get an error about versions. I have tried to downgrade the game to 1.32, but when i do this downgrade, it download an older version that the TruckersMP supported ( How can I fix that error?
  5. Buenas a todos los compañeros , publico el siguiente post porque tengo un problema luego de la actualizacion 1.32 , primera vez que me pasa despues de año jugando , el problema es el siguiente cuando estoy en una ruta , la pantalla se coloca negro y sale la pantalla de carga del ETS2 y vuelve a salir donde estaba a la misma velocidad , formatie mi pc le coloque windows 10 y tenia windows 8.1 y aun sigue el problema si alguien sabe alguna solucion a este caso estaria muy agradecido , esto me a quitado las ganas de jugar , muy buenas a todos y que tengan buena ruta
  6. How can I send a picture? I sometimes want to post a photo of my truck in the forum, but I do not know how to send it! I'd be happy if someone helped me Regards Mohammad.
  7. My TruckersMP crashes every time I use my own trailer from recent update on ETS2. Every time I try to load it with cargo. It freezes. Any suggestions on why this is happening? Is this a known bug? PLEASE HELP!!!
  8. After accepting an order with the Krone Dry Liner in Rome and driving with this trailer for loading there was a freeze and I can not cancel neither the delivery nor the order (re-freeze in the main menu) or do anything on the spot. After another spawn or re-login, I have no way out of the current job (transport Pasta to Bern) and I can not continue to play in the MP. I also tried changing to the SP, but after a quick trip to the previous location I failed in the MP. So there was a freeze, too. An incidentally previous driven delivery from Palermo to Rome went without problems (with the Pr
  9. for the save editing people out there \/ How do you take the county part out of your license plate? so I can just have a plain license plate with colors text
  10. Bonsoir, J'ai un problème depuis la nouvelle mise à jour, lorsque j'essaye de lancer ets2mp un message s'affiche comme quoi je n'ai pas accès a certains emplacements de fichiers. J'ai tout essayer (désinstaller TMP plusieurs fois, désinstaller ets même steam, j'ai changer l'emplacement du jeu du launcher) mais rien ne change. J'ai cherché si quelqu'un avait le même problème mais rien non plus. Si quelqu'un de la commu FR saurait comment m'aider ce serais super car malheureusement j'ai un anglais trop faible pour écrire une demande propre. Merci !
  11. Ninguém está aparecendo no servidor para mim, e eu fui temporariamente banido por causa disso. Isso está acontecendo em todos os servidores. Siga o link: https: /youtu.be/CjQURDapLLc
  12. Recently proshol ban on the account I go to eu2 wrote that on the screen I go to other servers all okay
  13. Hello, I cannot hear anyone in voice chat but they can hear me, for some reason i cannot see even see that they are talking, I ve watched all tutorials and I still have the issue, I have voice chat sound on full (In options), I ve checked if the radio in truck isnt turned off. Can someone help me ?
  14. Hi, I was recently playing truckersMP until a server update announced by the Game Moderators stated that the servers would be restarted to flush out a bug. After the servers had updated, I exited the game and logged back in again as normal, and selected the usual go-to server which was Europe 2 as the server I wanted to play in. All went well as i was in the queue and loaded normally into the game until when it was my turn to enter the server the server suddenly stated that I was unable to connect to the server due to unauthorised access? and now when I restart the game and try to run the truc
  15. AppleSan

    HELP =)

    I can play multiplayer, but i hate this error.
  16. Hello Everyone , Part 1: My car is limited to less than 40 km / h: To do this, you must go to Game Settings (Options) / Controller / then go to the Automatic line to put Sequential: Then: Then Then scroll down the drop down menu Then click on Sequential Part 2: How the Sequential box: For this, make it in Game Settings (Options) / Keypad Keys / and found the location Upper and Lower Ratio Then Then Then y
  17. What it means to i can update my "System" in launcher? I recently was installing my launcher it installed. So i want to launch it, after it launched i've got "Install Available Updates" But.. there was an "System" Option. And me (Not from english america etc) dont know what it means to can anyone help me what to do now?
  18. When I load ATS off line, It works perfect, I can see the game and drive with no problems, When I load TruckersMP launcher to drive online, It loads the game, I can hear it, but I can't see ATS on my desktop. I've searched for answers, Googled the problem, Re- downloaded the American Truck game again Twice, and even re downloaded the TruckersMP launcher several times and no good, I can hear the game but can't see it, Now I am using a 52 inch TV for my desktop monitor. Its a Philips TV. I've taken the game out of full screen mode and checked the resolution and its good. Can anyone help me. Than
  19. Username 04 Sep 20:20 Changed Username From: Rayyy To: Virus59X I Changed my name on Sep The 4th now normally I could go back to my forum account and login out and log right back in and my name would change to the new name, however, it's not changing with my new name I'm trying to figure out can it be a problem with the new updated changes in the forum or is this a bug that hasn't been noticed yet?
  20. Hello, So my girlfriend wants to create an account on the truckersmp so we can play together but she gets this error message when trying to link her steam account to the website "We were unable to find Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator on your account, please ensure your profile is set to public and that you have played the game at least 2 hours". She has ~34h playtime and her steam profile is set to public (also inventory). Could help me with a solution? Regards, Baetu. LATER EDIT: FIXED. had to change the game details
  21. So my friends Truckers MP wont work, can anyone tell me how to fix this so i can show him? "American Truck Simulator is attempting launch with the optional perimeters *Truckers mp file location* If you did not request this launch or do not understand these options then select cancel" Please help.
  22. Attempt 1: I go on TruckersMP Launcher. I click on ETS2, and the error says "Can not inject core (initialization of client failed)" … Attempt 2: I run TruckersMP as Admin again, and the same issue happens again. Attempt 3: Because my ETS2 was not from Steam, I add both TruckersMP and ETS2 as "Non-Steam" Games. Still the exact same result as before. Attempt 4: I do the reinstallation of TruckersMP. I use the file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Euro Truck Simulator 2" for installation. Then I try to launch again... Still the same error as attempt 1. Attempt 5: I look up on the forum
  23. Guest

    Moderator Reference Help

    Hello Moderator, I made a reference to.But even when examined 3 days after the new says, If you can help I'd appreciate it.Bidet, I made out of boredom in my own language Turkish? or I'm supposed to write in English best regards
  24. Hello everyone, For a few days ago I brought a new Laptop and I downloaded the ETS2 from my Steam account again, also I downloaded my Euro truck simulator 2 file, in hope that all my settings were downloaded. I started up the game and then I was once again told to make a new profile. I closed the game, opened the ETS2 file and there I saw it. My profile file wasn't downloaded ( perhaps some others too). Can some of you help me with what I should do to get the game up and running? I tried to take some screenshots, however I can't download more then 0.02 MB. And the scr
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