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  1. Happy Birthday to pries VTC was alot of fun and a very smooth convoy! @BL4CK$K1LL



  2. Drive For Life Convoy was an absolute pleasure to be apart of.

    i had a blast despite the fps and queue. once the viva boys got rolling it was a spectacular.


  3. i finally got american truck sim and did my first drive only to realise its a pretty dead online game ;(

    1. Mystere


      It's a nice game, with good routes, but unfortunately little content

  4. What Fun that was to do the Halloween event. saw a couple of my VIVA blokes out there. happy driving and happy Halloween!!!



  5. Great idea this should be added for sure
  6. Alright boys, the gloves are on. wheres the convoy at? @[VIVA] Quad 


    ets2 truckers mp.jpg


    So I managed to get my girlfriend to buy ETS2 and managed to get her online as well, apart from her beaching her truck on a one-lane road and me having to hit the hazard lights while others carefully went around us, it was a fairly smooth drive. :lol::wub:

    Felixstowe - Swansea



    1. Cowie


      Hope you guys had fun! She is still learning, be easy on her. :LUL:

    2. szykaro23
  8. Joined the VTC Viva Trucking. 

    Great group of lads with some great tools to be used alongside the game experience 

    really looking forward to sinking my teeth into that


    Progress so far 

    all driven on the TMP Sim 1


  9. I am happy to say that it was the email server errors. I was a little worried because I did want to verify but could not do so at all. but have now received the email. thank you kindly -wax
  10. hiya, brand new to truckersmp absolutely having a blast so far. little issue though before I go into it I just want to state I have done everything that the official forum post states plus more I have... • resent the verification • changed my email and tried a new one and then tried to verify • checked junk/spam/trash/other/focused folders in these emails but still, have nothing • tried to send the 2 step verification codes to the email which did not come through. • double checked all spelling of emails to make sure its correctly spelt • contacted a moderator who has now asked me to create a thread here. I just looking to complete the full sign up process as I want to be a full-fledged member and don't want that cheesecake slice of an account.
  11. Woah so i've been playing almost 24 hours now and ive just saved enough up for MY first truck and decide to do my first 1k mile run and someone by the name Q20714656 (3274) decides to honk me down for ages at a junction and then im cruising at legal speeds and this bloke decides to floor it and attempts to hunt me down into the double lane so we are equal on the road and then turns there almighty truck into my me, sending them flying into there air which then they teleport instantly after landing. but i was only 40 miles to go and this caused me to gain 15% damage to my truck and 16% to my trailer which i had no prior crash or damage too, at all in fact since logging in. :) i don't know how to report this dude but he had the audacity to say fuck and then my id code. and i don't appreciate that, he or she should not be on the road with the intent to swerve into people.


    1. Suleyman.53


      Hello Dear @Wax469


      If you don't know how to report a user, you can look this guide:


      Forums is not the right place to talk about bans, reports or similar.


      If you have any question, do not be afraid to contact me. :wub:


      Thank you for understanding



  12. Just arrived brand new to truckersmp

    really loving it so far. nowhere near as bad as the youtube videos made it out to be with all the crashing.

    great fun.

    1. SupiUK


      Welcome to TruckersMP! :D  Hope you continue to enjoy it and stick around. 



      Welcome to TruckersMP and good trips !   :)

    3. szykaro23


      Welcome ;)

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