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  1. @Soul Knight It seems to be, thank you!
  2. I had mine set to NVENC to and I remember changing it and this didn't work... now though? It suddenly seems to work... Tried to record and it came out as smooth as it was before, which is awesome! Thanks for that, though I could have SWORN I tried that and it didn't do me any good lol. I thought this section was for in-game issues, not for stuff like recording but that's good to know for the future, thank you. Uh... not sure what you're talking about, I don't follow. Mmm, changing that seemed to fix the problem... I hope it wor
  3. Hiya people! Just have a little question directed at anybody who records ETS2 MP with OBS... what are your settings? OBS for me works fine for a bunch of other games I play, but just seems to hate this game now. It doesn't lag when I'm in the menu screen but as soon as I go to drive or do anything in the game, my FPS in the recording just dies, while my FPS while I'm actually playing is totally fine and not stuttering at all. It started happening maybe a month ago, and I just haven't been able to figure out why it's doing this or how to fix it. So I thought I'd ask here! Any help is appreciat
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