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  1. So, i was wondering why i cant hear my truck in multiplayer. I have disable every mod. Restarted my game more than 5 times!! and it still wont work Help me!!
  2. Hi, I have 5 hours played now and im still not able to register my game. It isn't shared and when I go on the truckersmp website to click on "check games" nothing happens. I've tried that 5 times I think but im still not able to connect to the ATS MP but ETS2 MP works fine for me. Edit: sorry for the topic I mean ATS not ATS2
  3. My brother is a new player on TruckersMP and when he deselects the speed limiter, it turns back on in the settings. This doesnt happen when he launches ETS2 on singleplayer. Is this a feature for new players, or a bug? Thanks. sorry for the picture quality, i had to make it 0.13MB.
  4. I want to dowanload the launcher so i check custom download (i'm checking only ETS2) and it's asking me ATS path but i dont have the game and i dont want the online for this game. What can i do ?
  5. Hello, A few months ago, i'll change my internet to optical fiber, my game starts freeze, and other player dont disappear from my radar, anyone can help-me pls?
  6. Guest

    Tır bugu (TR)

    Merhabalar Scania'ya 3 lü demir yani .en fazla yerleştirme olan demir ile uyarı ışığı eklediğimizde malesef iç içe giriyorlar bunun düzeltilmesi için yardım istiyorum çünkü bazen bu sebebden ban yediğimiz bile oluyor. İZLEYİN.
  7. 1.Fix the errors below and try again We are still checking if you own the game, please be patient, it can take up to 5 minutes. 2.im wait to 1 hour 3.dont work i can't link 4.im playing to 3 hour 5.im setting steam to public Pls help Sorry for my bad english
  8. Well, Hello Again my last post was i Little hard to understand, and sorry for that :3 Hello, every time I play Europe 2 (no speed limiting server), I can under no circumstances reach over 90 kilometers per hour and even though I'm driving normal jobs (not world of truck contracts) but every time I'm driving with the limiter off it will turn on automatically after i have closed the settings. What happens is that I drive at full revolutions and cant switch gear in automatic or manual mode. I have tried the trick to go into the confiq files but it still not work at all and it happens
  9. Jxsh_y

    Job time.

    Hiya, I actually have a problem with my quick jobs, whenever I decide to leave the game, (after saving of course), I come back at a different time, and as I had a job active at the time of leaving the game, I return to find that my remaining time has gone way over. I find it very annoying as I can't always stay on the game until I've finished the delivery. When I park up my trailer at it's final destination, it says I'm something like 350h late or something like that. If someone could help me, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Hello, I've recently noticed an issue with my map in TruckersMP, I set my destination to Paris, I arrived at my destination and it seems to be frozen at that very spot. I would try driving there but I'd like some advice as to what to do incase I may not have to drive there, however here's some images if it may help you. As you can see, even when trying to change the route or remove it, nothing happens at all. And yes, I've tried restarting the application. Please help!! Kind regards, Jxsh_y.
  11. Čauky boys, dneska jsem zapl TruckersMP, a vyhodilo mi to toto, https://ctrlv.cz/jW8Q Zkusil jsem restart steamu, reinstall truckersmp, ale pořád mi to nefiči, kdyby tu byl někdo kdo by věděl co s tím, tak bych byl rád kdyby jste mi napsali Díky, javierko.
  12. Hello, I've been around for several days, that I'm not counting orders for the event, even if I'm going 10 in a row. I would be very pleased to explain this phenomenon, and possibly repair the "Bug". Thank you in advance, Yours sincerely, MourrisonCz.
  13. [EDITED to format] Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: VERSION Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: The newly introduced roadblocks are not synchronized? I rammed a guy, because the roadblock front of me was unsynchronized. My friend walked through it, He didn't see that on the road, but It stopped me and I crashed into a guy.. ppl can be banned for these situations.. Because the guy maybe think it, it was a simple ramming.. Screenshots / Videos: In my settings: Video: from 00:29
  14. Hola, tengo un problema en el juego, juego al juego como siempre, pero cuando lo hago para seleccionar un trabajo rápido no me sale ninguno (no tengo camion propio ni nada, y no puedo hacer nada si no me salen trabajos rapidos) ya reinicie el juego varias veces y nada Me pasa tanto en el multijugador, como en el de un jugador. Un saludo, Gracias
  15. Tengo un problema descubri un bug en un taller, la puerta de abre pero tiene una pared invisible que no deja entrar al garage, Si yo se que pocos van entender por casi nadie habla español y no piden staff que hable español , lo hago adrede por que ve que piden Aleman, Frances, Portugues e ingles y los que no hablan o no saben esos idiomas mas que español que se friegan, según yo eso es discriminatorio. Gracias por su atención
  16. Guest

    Invalid Or Password Hatası

    when I came on the main screen multiplayer password in the password section gives an error found such an e-mail password, but the system can not log in to the right you help me
  17. I encountered a bug in the chat. Ater using /fix, the chat is broken and only rejoining helps. Is this a bug, or is that normal? If it is a bug, can it be fixed? If it's normal, Why breaks the chat after /fix?
  18. Hello, today I started playing ETS2 withTruckerMP mod, everything was working fine. But now when I drive around in the cities I get disconnected from the server after a few minutes playtime. What can I do about it ? All trucks standing still and tires spinning. I reinstalled the Mod, ran everything as Admin, Validated files. Greetings
  19. Guest


    hello since the new update in the multiplayer every 15 seconds I have 2 second of freeze who can help me I have a good config for the game
  20. So I'm not using any mod Just the Heavy Cargo DLC and I'm being kicked
  21. There seems to be a huge bug going while using WoT-trailers. When you're using "/Fix" while driving a WoT-trailer you will be reset back to the [WoT] known location within 500 meters with 100% damage! This need to be fixed or players need to watch out before using "/Fix" while driving/using WoT-Trailers.
  22. Game: ETS 2 MP Mod Version: Installed & Current Updater Version: Supported ETS2 Version: Current Patch Version: Controllers Used: Xbox One for Windows 10 (with wireless adapter) Description of Issue: I deactivated the winter mod since months, but I it is snowing. Yesterday I didn't have snow for 1-2 hours. But today I have snow again since I get connection to EU#2. And also we've got an ne wupdate today with the following text: "With winter over it's time to start the spring cleanup and to start
  23. Mod Version. 0.1.4 R2 Controllers Used: Driving Force GT Description of Issue: As i was trucking with my friend on multiple occasions his truck would vanish from my screen while on his screen i was still their, now its impossible to push trucks ingame but while i couldnt see him i was pushing him down the road with no damage to my truck but 100% on his, after i re-logged i could then see him again but soon after the same thing happened again How to reproduce. drive with a friend Screenshots / Videos. below is a pic from my screen and i can not see his truck but on his screen i
  24. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Thrustmaster T150 Description of Issue: When I try to use the paintjob you get for completing the Christmas-Event I get kicked from the server because of "Invalid accessory set detected". I just want to use the cool paintjob and I don't understand why I get kicked. How to reproduce: Try to use the "Crystal Dimension" - paintjob after completing Tier 2 of the event. Screenshots / Videos: As you can see, I got kicked for using the paintjob.
  25. Bonjour à tous, vous allez bien ? Il y a quelques minutes, je tente de lancer le multi, et j'ai ce message ( en bas à droite )... Je ne suis pas le seul à avoir ce bug, un gars de ma team l'a aussi. Que faire ? Attendre une MàJ ? Car je n'ai pas envie de me retaper le téléchargement complet de truckersMP...
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