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  1. Where is the problem ? Mutliplayer or Singleplayer ?
  2. Hello Verify the game files and run as administrator and look the topic you should download ServicePack1 because he is downloaded SP1 and solved
  3. Hello It must be absolutely but please write to "Suggestions" because here is Help https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/8-suggestions/
  4. I cant understand you.Did you wanted servers be a only one server ? If your wish is this , this is very hard and this is can't be because would very ping and think way of D-C
  5. Can you play singleplayer ETS2? Maybe your singleplayer and multiplayer versions is incompatible. Please verify the game files and TRUCKERSMP remove again install because your error is "denied ets2mp.dll" Your Truckersmp can be wrong
  6. Hello Please browse this topic.Because error is same.Look to comments in this topic.
  7. Hello It is not fair and the waste of time for new players.I think this should not. Because 90km/h (speed limit) really very slow and player will bored.
  8. Hello Can you play singleplayer ETS2 ? So this problem only happens to multiplayer ?
  9. Hello Please verify game files and try again. if you don't know the verification look to the photo --> PHOTO
  10. Teşekkürler bilgi için bir sorum var En alttaki satır yani Please provide all evidence, including /pinfo or similar satırına ne yazıcaz kanıt olarak videom var video için pinfo da yaptım direk video linki koysam olur mu
  11. ty developers .) especially heavy cargo is very good
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