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About Me


Hey! (: I am GGF MD.

I am of the three Support Managers here at TruckersMP. I do oversee the Support Team, System as well as all platforms or places related to it.

Feel free to drop me a private message if you have any questions or issues.



  • January, 23: I joined the team as Trial Supporter
  • February, 06: I was promoted to Supporter
  • March, 02: I was offered the position as Discord Moderator as an additional rank to my Support rank
  • April, 03: I joined the Trial Game Moderator team (Current rank name: Report Moderator); Discord Moderator was still an additional rank
  • April, 19: I joined the Language Forum Mod (German) Team as an additional rank to Trial Game Moderator and Discord Mod
  • May, 03: I was promoted to Game ModeratorDiscord Moderator and Language Forum Mod (German) were still additional ranks
  • June, 24: I transfered (Rather was offered) from Language Forum Mod (German) to Social Media Team Member as additional rank
  • September, 23: I was promoted to Game Moderator Leader (While still being Social Media Team Member and Discord Mod)
  • October, 9: I left the Social Media Team
  • November, 11: I left the TruckersMP Team due to health reasons
  • November, 28: I rejoined as Game Moderator Leader and Discord Mod
  • December, 14: I was promoted to Support Manager



  • June, 11: I was promoted to Senior Support Manager
  • June, 21: I have left the team and was a Retired Legend Team Member.
  • October 17: I came back as Community Moderator (Forum Mod)
  • December, 19: I was promoted to Support Manager once again











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