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  1. GameOnJon

    Another NCZ Hack ?

    Clips include another possible NCZ hack first at the begining of the video then at 8:11 and at 9:13 !!
  2. GameOnJon

    Videos from Multiplayer

    My Last video for a while due to re construction on the floor my family's house !! Enjoy !! Watch in 1080 for admins !!
  3. GameOnJon

    Mod or hack ?

    Dang that’s not good !! Yeah hopefully they will !!
  4. GameOnJon

    Mod or hack ?

    Thanks !! I’m glad you liked it
  5. GameOnJon

    Mod or hack ?

    What's it called when someone runs into you when you take all the damage and the other person doesn't ? Is it a hack ? Or a mod ? In my latest video someone ran into me head on and they went through me flipping me over onto the guard rail without them getting any damage !!
  6. GameOnJon

    When will the winter mod be added ?

    lol thats funny because of global warming !! Good one !! All though it does seem like in real life that some places here in the United States have been getting less snow than usual so that could be the case that truckers mp hasn't pushed out the winter mod yet !!
  7. GameOnJon

    Videos from Multiplayer

    Best to watch in 1080 hd for admins !!
  8. GameOnJon

    When will the winter mod be added ?

    Hopefully not at the end of the month !! That will be way late !!
  9. Just wondering when will the winter mod for ets2 and ats mp be added ? It seems like around this time of year it gets added about now !! So when will it be released for mp ?
  10. GameOnJon

    Videos from Multiplayer

    How so ? That people run into me for no reason and that I don’t stop ? I don’t force the people to run into me on purpose you know !! Some people just don’t know either I’m behind them when they brake really fast or when they try to overtake other people and hit me head on !! For example, when you see the people run into my trailer in my mirror, sometimes people just get too close when overtaking !! Plus it’s harder to stop a truck now with the trailer brakes in 1.33 !! Also tell me how is it my fault that the car in front of me runs into the truck in front of them ? How does that make me reckless ?
  11. GameOnJon

    Videos from Multiplayer

    for admins: watch in 1080 for best view !!
  12. GameOnJon

    Videos from Multiplayer

    Please help subscribe to my channel idk what youtube did to my subscriber count but now I'm back at 13 subscribers !! Ridiculous !!