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  1. I am a bit confused,I read that the DAF should have a new paint job!

    But I can not find her...?  :huh:

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    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      np :) 


      always make sure  you post in the ets2 forums :D




      that way devs  or other ets2 players  can help you out :D  just remember this is just the mp mod so i hardly know much  but all i know is when there updates etc... they usually take long or have issue with it  :D 


      but  its all up to you really  , you can wait and see  if there another update... 

    3. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      I'll wait until the beta ends...and then if it will not be there,crying.  :P

    4. -XCE-


      "Further Polish", the trucks have received a polish revamp to help improve their shine. :P 

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