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  1. Auto-connect will make things a lot easier, thanks
  2. OMG im gonna kill myself... Again an admin banned me for trashy reason...
    I didn't even insult any player in the game for gods sake I'm so mad right know!

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    2. Moriathen


      And we get banned...

    3. Miles!


      IIRC, Swearing in general is banned, even if you aren't doing it for an insulting purpose. 

      I think the Admins said they are trying to make the suitable for all ages, even young kids. 


      " Profanity - Kick / Ban
      Swearing or using any words that may be deemed inappropriate or anything similar. "


      Clark was right. Yes you weren't trying to insult anyone I accept that, but it's just a simple misunderstanding, you were simply unaware of the rule. It happens, I'd say just go look over the rules so something like this doesn't happen in the future :)

    4. FirestarteR93


      ^ also For complaints => send mail to [email protected]

  3. Still getting incredible low fps (45 people, 2fps) after updating to Alpha... 
    i7 4700HQ
    16 GB Ram

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    2. .StεvƐ.


      I have the same issue too, Frame rate takes a hit, even with 20 trucks nearby.

    3. Moriathen


      Now I'm updating the GPU driver to Geforce 368.39

      I was using the older version Geforce 358.x because this one was performing better then current one at the moment.

      Let's see what will change this time. 

    4. Moriathen


      Okay, right now gettin 30-35 fps at Rotterdam city center with 50 people around. But the problem is still there. Sometimes I'm getting 1-4 fps :(
      This client still needs another optimization update.

  4. Dont fix that, just give trucks a wing :D

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    2. Moriathen


      Yeah, i was talking about the collapsed non-collision areas :D

    3. Titanic4


      Anyway, would you hate when your delivery received 100% damage?

    4. Moriathen


      Well, if i have been driven 1200km just for not getting any damage and last minute got %100 damage, i may not be happy :)

  5. Non-collusion areas have been collapsed
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