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  1. Wow, the UK is battering us with a heat wave  :(  Worse part is, my school cant afford decent AC but yet spends 10 million on a new building :angry:

    1. SgtBreadStick


      Thats why you hit the fire alarm to set off the sprinklers if there are any :troll:

    2. .Rhys.


      haha! And no we don't have sprinklers :(

      Good idea tho!

  2. Hey! Hope everyone is doing great! Finally got TrucksBook to work with ets2mp and got my drivers using it as well. Gonna record a video at some point for my vtc Monster Haulage and I will share a link if im allowed to show you all!
    Man oh man. People these days are spreading too many viruses. I must say that they need to stop!


    Owner Of Monster Haulage VTC - http://www.monsterhaulage.wixsite.com/home

    Email Of Monster Haulage VTC - [email protected]

  3. Happy birthday my dude :) Have a good one

  4. How does the old vtc also known as Scout Transport get custom trailers that everyone can see?

  5. Hope everyone is doing okay during this week and really happy about that new dlc that came out. The new dlc is amazing! Hope truckersmp staff is doing okay as well making sure truckersmp works correctly 24/7 and solving bugs.

  6. How do I add "TruckersMP" to trucksbook cos I cant find it. Its not in ProgramFiles

    1. .Rhys.


      Right ok. Thanks for responding! :)

  7. I must say that scs done an amazing job on the new dlc! However my mate found a weird glitch. The trailer looks weird to people that don't have it. Truckersmp, could u please fix.


    1. Nameless GhouI

      Nameless GhouI

      That trailer is made by MP to allow people that don't have the DLC to see something the correct size and shape of what DLC players will see. You see this so you don't have to look at a white box trailer which is glitching out.

    2. .Rhys.


      Right ok thanks for responding

  8. I think for ets2map.com we should be able to search users, due to I own a vtc and I would like to keep track of all my drivers but yet I cant find where they are. I would love that feature to get added.

    Monster Haulage VTC Owner

    1. Aragon


      I believe this option is available, through the /follow/TMPID method, however it's not currently working as of now. Sorry.

    2. .Rhys.


      Right ok. Thanks for responding! :)

  9. Cos everyone saying happy birthday to you then... Happy Birthday! :D

    1. MrHarv98


      LOL thanks btw :P 

  10. Hello,

    I would like to say a big thanks to all the admins making the game safe! Even tho im not staff for truckersmp I still want to say thanks! I hope all the staff of truckersmp are doing great! :)

    Owner Of Monster Haulage VTC - http://www.monsterhaulage.wixsite.com/home

    Email Of Monster Haulage VTC - [email protected]

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