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  1. Which country are u from?

    Country: Canada City: Moncton Nationality: Canada Picture of your city:
  2. Geez, I remember my first day on MP as if it was just a month ago and here I am already with Veteran II? :o

    1. Kid Fabi

      Kid Fabi

      Time is going fast, faster than you can imagine..

  3. Made it to the end of the convoy! 



    (I am the black Volvo with the lowbed on the second picture)


  4. Public Convoy 28th January 2018

    I am going, hopefully it won't be lagfest getting out but even with ATS convoy in NM there was still like 150 people in the gathering spot
  5. Happy Birthday ! :)

    1. Cbrady40


      Thank you! :D

  6. Do you know your PC?

    ASUS ROG CPU: Intel Core i7 7700hq 2.8ghz (3.8ghz boost) GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB (1.7-1.8ghz when gaming) RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400MHZ HDD: 1TB HGST 7200rpm SSD: 128GB Sk. Hynix SCREEN: 17.3 Inch IPS 1080p 60hz & 27 inch LG 1080p IPS 60hz monitor for home Peripherals Logitech G29 + shifter Logitech G430 headphone Logitech G502 mouse standard HP keyboard
  7. Was 75% through a journey from Lublin to Calais and some (insert foul word here) with NCZ hack comes and destroys me becoming the norm now even not on CD road...I thought there was update to kick people who will decide to utilize trainers or has someone already found a way around it?

    1. KGT TheFlyingYorkshireman

      KGT TheFlyingYorkshireman

      ive seen a few on roads today with ncz boils my blood  thats y i had no damage mod im staying off eu2 for a bit better drivers on eu3 ive found

  8. Better Warning Driving Without Light

    +1 Would work nicely in conjunction with the text system.
  9. Happy New Year! :lol:

  10. Rang in the new year in Duisburg going by CET even though here in Canada I have 5 hours to go but it doesnt matter and its fitting since ETS2 is in Europe anyways :P

  11. Connecting to Europe Servers from the US

    I connect from east coast Canada with an avg of 140ms and on Wifi but 95% of the time I do not lag or notice any other players lagging unless they are lagging themselves or the rare times something is bugged in my connection so as long as you have decent speed and a good method of connection to make up for the distance from the server it will (probably) work fine. I am going to guess on that map above my connection goes through GTT Express to UK then through another cable down to France and to the server, the 3 hours of land before the GTT cable in North America probably give an extra 50ms or so. But its all in your connection quality.
  12. Going to try the telemetry program for ETS2/ATS on my S8 but instead of the speedo I will change it to route advisor skin and put it below my monitor so I do not have to have the route advisor up on the monitor on the game and the S8 will be able to act as a sort of mobile GPS unit :lol: Heard some bad things about this plugin though, so I'll come back if any problems happen, but this seems like it will be quite cool to try. 

  13. Just got myself a nice 27 inch monitor to hook up when at home for my laptop. (I know, it sounds really weird, but I just wanted a larger screen real estate at home, I didn't pay like $600 for it either so its all cool) So far I'm enjoying the increased size and playing ETS2 at more than 17 inches of screen :lol: And way easier to just kick up and relax with a screen of this size on my desk.

  14. 10 Tabs open on Chrome...75% of RAM usage of CIties Skylines... and as much as GTA V :lol::lol: I guess its not a bad thing it wants to make use of my 16GB though...