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  1. Suggestion Name: VTC Verification

    Suggestion Description: My suggestion is about the way VTC verification works. Maybe instead of having 50 drivers to get the verification going maybe it would be nicer/better to change it to 35/40 that might help more VTCs get verified and in some countries it will give more VTCs a chance for verification, and more people would be interested into joing different VTCs when they are verified. I know there is VTC validation but maybe make it will make a difference to the way people look at VTCs

    Any example images: N/A

    Why should it be added?: Above ^^

  2. You can send a feedback ticket but it wont be so quickly with the response as there is a lot of tickets of feedback so they all get checked individually but yes you can send a feedback about anyone in the team because its either a good feedback or bad one but you have the full right to send your opinion about a team member :)

  3. @Sebakiller Witaj ja też miałem taki dylemat ale jak się zastanowiłem to nowa G29 jest bardziej opłacalna bo jest nowa i jest na to gwarancja aczkolwiek jak kupisz G27 używaną to jak się popsuję to co zrobisz wiec na twoim miejscu już wydał bym troszkę więcej ale mieć  święty spokój że jak coś się stanie już masz gwarancję na to Pozdrawiam ;) 

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