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  1. Hey MindlessGonzo Happy Birthday!!?

  2. Please reupload. You guys broke it into a 404!
  3. I wanna keep this modest. Unlike the mess on other computers I own.
  4. It stopped after I installed an external graphics card, made it windowed, and TruckersMP updated.
  5. I now got a working computer with a powerful enough graphics card to handle Truckers MP at good settings.
  6. Can this topic be closed? I think the issue has gone away.
  7. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Alpha | Launcher Controllers Used: Xbox 360 Controller Description of Issue: Upon connecting to a server that isn't crowded, the game glitches to the desktop. I alt-tabbed and clicked the window to reload, but it refuses to load properly, even having added the folder to the anti-virus program and restarting. How to reproduce: Just connect to any server. EDIT: this happens on Windows 10, as the problem doesn't happen on my Windows 7 laptop. Screenshots / Videos: None.
  8. Mod Version: Alpha/Launcher Controllers Used: Xbox 360 Controller Description of Issue: The English Tunnel terminals do not seem to have no "no collision area" anymore. Some trucks are even blocking the icon. How to reproduce: Enter either terminals on England and France ends. Screenshots / Videos: One attached below, taken Dec. 5. It's worthy to note how there's no "No Collision Zone" indicator on the top right.
  9. The ATS rescaled environment is frightening.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      must try it ;) Haven't been in ATS since before the rescale

  10. Have they found out about what kept crashing the ATS MP mode?
  11. One quick job in SP fixed it. Now I can pick my parking in MP now. Thanks!
  12. I just completed a delivery and I never saw the place you stop to select. It defaulted to the difficult one and I have it at "Always Select" and to show indicators.
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