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  1. NOTE: 29th of September 2015 My website www.MetaltigerSA.co.za will be shutdown. Thanks to all the visitors, it was fun while it lasted but it has come to its end. ;)

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    2. [WieltonSA] NoviFrance

      [WieltonSA] NoviFrance

      Closes!? For what reason? Sadly a good website......

    3. MetaltigerEU


      The mods where uploaded to ShareMods which gives points per user downloads,

      which was transferred to Paypal to fund the server and nothing else.

    4. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      I'll create a Mirror on my domain (or one of my domains) and I'll notify admins of it soon.

      If thats ok with you :)

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