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  1. Had a break from the trucking sims and returned to ATS  on 1.36  last 2 trips i did the detours was 100 miles from my drop off points -.-

  2. What's everyone up to ?

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    2. WNxArcticwolf


      Hope you have fun at the event and it's a peaceful event Without any reckless drivers.

    3. RS Games SEP 2020
    4. WNxArcticwolf


      But with  truckers mp expect the unexpected.

  3. That's a lot of dlcs there lol. I don't have that many yet lol.
  4. I currently own all map dlcs heavy cargo dlc special transport dlc and high power cargo dlc wheel tuning pack and dragon truck design and Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack and krone trailer pack and rocket league promo
  5. What dlcs do you own. I currently own all the map dlcs.
  6. Morning all

    1. [GER]HerrSwitzerland.
    2. WNxArcticwolf


      Just had some dinner now i feel like a stuffed turkey at Christmas.

  7. Well i just came back and now i got to go out again busy start of the weekend for me lol.

  8. Just had some hot dogs.

  9. Not got half of the ets2 pro mods map discovered.
  10. Just watching peaky blinders.

  11. Just had dinner now im full.  like a big fat pig LOL

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