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  1. Thanks for the follow.

    1. ' C u p r a .

      ' C u p r a .

      You're Welcome 🤗

  2. Truckersmp is  seprate from the game you can still go play single player. Aounds like your only banned from truckersmp.

  3. Whos waiting for real op today

  4. What a busy few days i have had.

  5. My new goal reach community mod work my butt off making a good mark  then transfer to game admin. one way or another by main app or transfer i will get on that team !. Nothing is going stop me

  6. And then i just come back and ruin the winning streak lol.
  7. Good Morning

    1. justbatusch


      Morning koleka


  8. I just put the mods on my game and love the way truckersmp looks now.
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