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  1. Had a late night burger king last night and the burgers were burnt 🤬

    1. Berkan75


      I'm sorry for you :^(😶

    2. WNxArcticwolf


      tried to ring the place up today no answer so i emailed the head office.

  2. Just ordered a burger king.

    1. povgamer


      Looks like fun. Enjoy it!

    2. Andreweber2003


      Ahhhhh, saw this too late.

      I hope to be there next Time, whenever its possible. :d

  3. Got a Convoy Security Group convoy to go to tonight.

  4. Morning all had a very late night waiting for my  mmo to come back online after service transfer then i spent another 2 hours acting as tech support for people. now i feel like a zombie 

  5. Just did the Kaarfor Haulage Convoy  with convoy security group 

  6. Just joined the Convoy Security group 

    1. povgamer


      Good luck with it!

    2. WNxArcticwolf


      Thanks Just going to gain the experience so then it makes me look good on my event app for truckersmp. 

    3. povgamer


      Great way to gain experience for sure.

  7. Going to eat shortly. 

  8. Before Truckersmp was ever made. VTCs where made in single player .
  9. My day was good and then i found out someone doing bad things to cats in my area so im mad and sad now and trying to get more info.
  10. I 3rd the harder sim suggestion. local-modding community of truckersmp where? sorry only mod i see on the truckersmp servers ever is the winter mod. Well what's the point of Arcade servers then ( waste of power and hardware). I thought that's the reason they was brought about.
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