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  1. Good Morning all

    1. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      GOOD MORNING ! ______________🌞

  2. Is this updated most of the streams on front of this topic are hosting or offline.
  3. Hard for me to pick I think it would be kirkenes quarry and Valencia Lafarge Road
  4. What's everyone up to ?

    1. Barbaros.


      I'm listening to music and chatting with my friends, do you?

    2. WNxArcticwolf


      Watching a bit of youtube and playing wreckfest and checking on my app process.

    3. Angel`


      Listening to music while I get ready to go on the street to solve some things :)

  5. I also agree if you want to race around the streets do it in real life and hope police catch you. Or find a racing game. This is a truck sim!
  6. Just reached 100 rep ! im now a sunday driver.

  7. Far as i know it's always been a rule where only game admins can use police car skin.
  8. 97 Rep  can iget to 100 rep before i go to bed?

  9. I love promods 2.50 like the above person the details the huge map enjoyment with hours of fun with truckersmp I highly recommend the map and going on truckersmp with it. You will get a much better drive on the pro mods server than you do on sim 1.
  10. Yet another long day but this time waiting for a new cooker to come.

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