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  1. Anything with doubles or triples is a challenge. Though i haven't done any reverse parking on this game yet. My old save was always Safe Parking.
  2. Yes. Because it's apart of the legendary CD Road. Go to another part of the map and it's not as popular.
  3. There is an International Community Section where you may post in your respective language. Outside of it is typically regarded to be posted in English. Thanks for understanding.
  4. Just let him do 150 around some sharp corners. It will drain his money to the point he'll either be in debt and lose the car. Or have to swap back to a truck to play the game. Plus, we won't see him on the non casual servers. If only the casual servers could drop the speed limit to 10.
  5. Happy birthday. I hope have a good years!  

  6. I've been driving the car, off and on, since it was first added. The car was added for 2 reasons So it could be a convoy escort. So game mods could stand out with the police skin. You're right. I don't play Sim 2 because it's dead. It's highly unlikely it will be added anyways. What's funny is how your fighting a losing battle since your name is Random Truck Driver. So enjoy flipping yourself and having to drain your money from all the repairs from going 150. I'll be on Sim 1 (NOT CD :SurprisedPikachu:) enjoying going 110 without worries.
  7. It's because players would go as fast as the speedo could max out. Which resulted in trolling and wrecks due to how much of a feather a previous version of the car was. Plus, it's a fair speed then 150+.
  8. I don't have 2FA. At least to my knowledge. I have the launcher hide my email and remember my login. What if somebody has a shared device? If they "Remember Me", somebody else can play your account and possibly get your reported.
  9. That's because the car was added in a truck game. There are no other options for the car. TMP Devs have more important things to do then to expand upon a vehicle that's a favorite of the trolling community. Just look at my AI Cars for ATS Suggestion. I doubt it's ever going to happen. If it does, cool. ATS has very little population. That's too much work. Even with the last state released. The other variant is because both are based on AI SP vehicles. TMP wanted to give some variety and even reward patrons.
  10. There's already a system in place that lets you know if an in game report has been made against that player. Unless they changed it over the last few years. Plus, the tab menu causes FPS lag in higher pop areas. If everybody would stop treating CD like bugs do to lights at night, they wouldn't need to report as often. Plus, the player blocking would eventually be AFK kicked and would have a few web reports made against them.
  11. If they have report priorities, anybody can say a block is as high of a priority as say a hacker. Plus, some reports would never have an outcome because every report could be filed as a high priority. Keep it as is and just be patient.
  12. While it's good, what if they just replace the dot with the patron icon?
  13. Look in my sig. I have linked my idea that revamps the city into something more feasible (and based off how it looks IRL). Or, they can do a similar city build like they did for Duisburg. While i'm still holding out hope SCS will come back to Duisburg & Calais to give them a more proper representation then just a downtown grid of squares.
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