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  1. So I decided to format my laptop... Now I remember why I hardly ever use it... Dual Core AMD C-50 running at 1 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. That alone should give you an idea of why I just said I hardly ever use it. :thisisfine: 



    Also this happened at one point:


  2. Still about that Pentium 4 system I have spent the past few days playing with... (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/666-mike-dragon/&status=114783&type=status)


    I can now finally say I am done playing with my "new toy". I've setup Windows 2000 Professional on it as if I was preparing the PC for my own daily use and I had fun doing it. I had fun seeing the things I expected to work, working, I had fun troubleshooting what didn't, I had fun figuring out the ethernet driver, the anti virus and I even installed Photoshop on it and spent part of the Sunday making a wallpaper for Windows 2000. And yeah, I did make the wallpaper on Windows 2000 on that Pentium 4! dummy.gif




    Though as I said, I have finished "playing" with this system for the time being. I'd like to build it into a case and have it ready for regular use but I lack the space in my house to install yet another computer (I already have three in my bedroom and I can only have two of them on at the same time) so since all the parts are working well and I have decided not to build it into a complete PC as of now, I have separated the parts and put them in boxes of their own then put these boxes together into a bag and put them away somewhere safe. But before I took it all apart and stored them, however, I installed a floppy drive I had stored for years. I didn't remember if it was working so it was also a good chance to get it tested. I have a lot of floppy disks around so find a few to test was no trouble. And gladly, the drive works perfectly well! :D So I set it to be stored with the other parts. All this system needs to be a usable PC is a case and power supply of its own.




    Oh, and here's the wallpaper I made:



    1440x1080 version 1:



    1440x1080 version 2:



    1920x1080 version 1:



    1920x1080 version2:




    You know... it is a old system and it is quite outdated but this has been a fun project to play with and I am happy that everything in it works like new. This would have been a great system back in the day for the specs it has:


    - Gigabyte GA-VM800PMC

    - 2x 512 MB of DDR2 RAM

    - 256MB ATI Radeon 9250

    - 80 GB hard drive

    - DVD RW drive

    - Floppy disk drive

    - Windows 2000 Professional


    It ran everything I've thrown at it (I've used software that the OS and hardware is capable of running, of course. You can't install and run the latest Google Chrome or the newest Forza Horizon on Windows 2000 with a 256 MB Radeon 9250, for example) and didn't crash or showed slowdowns not even once. And what's the coolest is that Windows 2000, once fully updated, can still be used as a "daily driver" OS, even today. As such, in a pinch, I could use this computer for some more basic tasks every day if I wanted to. It browses the web, it is protected by Avast! and I can type Word documents as well as watch videos and listen to music on Windows Media player and even watch DVDs. I've always liked Windows 2000. Too bad I never actually used it back in the day, when it was fully supported by everything. :( Such a good OS!

    1. Mike Dragon
    2. dizelden
    3. PUSHROD


      Well congrats Mike, I know from experience the time you put into it. And it was not a loss, so hang on to it & a case that fits your room may happen along. You kept my attention working thru everything. Enjoy :<)


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  3. I just finished watching the 2018 YouTube Rewind and yeah... I have to agree with the majority who says it is bad and, well... say it is bad! It is indeed, pretty bad. So to wash my eyes and ears to cleanse them from what I experienced, this: 



    1. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      I think whoever made this was wasted xD

  4. Remember that Pentium 4 system I put up together a couple days ago and have been toying with since then? (https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/666-mike-dragon/&amp;status=114499&amp;type=status) I've given it 2 sticks of 512 MB DDR2 RAM (originally I had installed a 2GB stick and then two 1GB sticks, but the motherboard supports only up to DDR2 555 and those were 667, so the slots were only reading half of their capacity), a  256MB ATI Radeon 9250, replaced the defective hard drive by another one that I am sure is fine (40GB), figured out the ethernet driver, installed Windows 2000 on it and after many tests and old games (Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, King of the Road, Buzz Lightyear of the Star Command and a couple others) and I can safely say the system works like a charm! :D It runs smoothly and it's quite snappy for what it is.




    I even installed UltraVNC for remote access!




    If only I could get my hands on a small case, I could build this into it and have a new computer. lol This system can actually be used as a retro gaming PC. Might just need a few tweaks here and there.

    1. PUSHROD


      Nice, you can always drill some whole in a case for air flow. Did you throw out the old case you just upgraded out of? ( stupid question knowing you right?) I t is probably to large anyway. But the mad scientist has got the jewel running. :D

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Hah, absolutely not! lol That case is in perfect condition (I pride myself in taking good care of my stuff) so I definitely did not throw it away! I did think about reusing it for this Pentium 4, but my "issue" is a matter of physical space in the house. I wouldn't have where to put it. lol Currently the empty case is in the box of the new case, stored in a corner of my room. To have this computer assembled into that case and available for use, I'd have to take it out of the box and find somewhere to set it up. And this "somewhere" is exactly what I don't have. :( That's why I mentioned about getting my hands on a small case. I probably could fit a smaller computer case somewhere where the PC inside can be hooked up for regular usage. One option I have would be to swap my old AthlonXP for the Pentium 4. This AthlonXP was my first PC and I have rebuilt it into a new case I bought just for it, a few years ago. I haven't turned on that machine in quite some time and it's currently basically just serving as a desk for some other computer I might need to set up temporarily (like when I need to bring over the computer of some client of mine for maintenance). The Pentium 4 is a better processor than the AthlonXP and can be used for retro gaming just as well. I'd put away the AthlonXP hardware back into its box (I still have it, even after all these years lol) and put the P4 in the case in its place, but before I decide anything in regards to doing any of that, I'd have to do some tests with both systems to iron out the variables of doing this exchange. If I'm honest really, though... What I really would like is to have both of these two old computers up and running and ready to use instead of putting either back into a box and storing it away. lol If I do get around building this P4 into a case for regular use, I will have to source a power supply. The one I got to power it at the moment is my work PSU, which I use for testing out computers and whatnot. If I were to give that PSU for this system, I'd be left without a spare PSU for work.


      And to top all of that, I really want to build a Pentium III Tualatin system and have a Pentium III Thinkpad designed for Windows 2000. XD Dear God, I'm such a geek.

    3. PUSHROD


      Ha ha, you could be doing worse things. lol Storage is always a problem, that's why I lost most of my older stuff. All my wife seen was old wires & junk basically & said it's out. lol Have patience & something may come up, & maybe spread the word to some of your client's would help. Don't give up, I'm excited to see what you come up with next. :D

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  5. Check out what I am playing with, right now:



    So, context: I got bored.


    But seriously... besides feeling a little bored, I have a few motherboard and processors stored in a box and I've been wanting to test them out for a long while. These are parts that were either defective or just too old to still be used for work. These belonged to some of my clients and were discarded for those reasons I just mentioned and I've been hoarding them. Like I said, some of this stuff (I'm talking about the motherboards, now) work like new so throw them away would be a waste. On top of that, I've been wanting to toy around with a Pentium 4 system and Windows 2000 for a while (I also really want to actually build a high-end Pentium III system for myself) so upon finding this Gigabyte GA-VM800PMC motherboard in a box in apparently mint condition, I decided to take it out and test it.


    After looking it up online to learn about its specs, processor and RAM support, I sourced a Pentium 4 SL96H clocked at 3.60GHz and a 2GB DDR2 RAM stick from my stashes and put them on the board. Thankfully I also had a Pentium 4 cooler somewhere so I used that. After some cleaning of the RAM, the board beeped, indicating that it, the processor and RAM are alive! dummy.gif I also have a couple IDE hard drives as well as a IDE DVD drive lying around that I've been meaning to test for a long time, so I figured this would also be the perfect opportunity to test them out, so I hooked them up to the motherboard. Since this board supports Windows 2000, I am using that.  :3 Though I think the hard drive I chose for this test (A 250GB Samsung) is defective. It's making a few odd noises and Windows is taking an awful long time to install. :thinking: Well, whatever. I am testing, after all! I'm not done yet, though. Still got some fun ahead of me with this system. :3



    I still want a Pentium III IBM Thinkpad, designed for Windows 2000, though.


    UPDATE: The hard drive is indeed defective. Got slower and slower until errors finally popped up. The drive was literally burning hot! lol Put in a 40 GB one to find out if that one is also defective or not. I should buy myself a IDE-compatible dock station for testing these drives. :thisisfine:

    1. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      ohhh, see that's why you're the IT guy and I'm not. The more you know... :P

    2. PUSHROD


      Electronics has come along way, but to revive an old system like that is something that I can relate to. I had (my wife thru most of my old stuff out) several Pentium motherboards & processors that I used & as long as you keep them cooled down, they are tough. Don't know where to find a think pad these day's, that may take some searching for. Love the pic's tho, keep some duct tape handy. lol 

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Old hardware, so long as it is working, can become valuable. Especially for collectors. Besides, they are fun to play with! I just wish I had the space in my house so I could actually collect hardware. :c

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  6. For some reason I really want a Pentium III IBM Thinkpad laptop, one that was designed to run Windows 2000. :thinking:

    1. EnLight


      I think I still have one previously used by my parents... :truestory: 


      I remember struggling to use that little ball in the middle to use as a cursor :blink:

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I've worked on a couple of them, many years ago (software maintenance, though. They belonged to clients). They are cool laptops. I've been looking to buy one but they are so difficult to find in my country. When I do find one, it's either is terrible condition or it's just a dead device being sold for parts. :c So far I could only find one that was in good condition, and had good specs, too! Pentium III running at 1.13 GHz with 256 MB of RAM is really nice! And it did come with Windows 2000 from the factory. Though the seller couldn't tell for sure the system is actually working. :( 

  7. Quick! Watch this before Monday strikes!


    1. A Simple Cheeseburger
    2. xXBlazieXx


      These videos made me almost faint laughing. Too good. 

    3. Mike Dragon
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  8. Today's December the first so the time to put away the Scania, take out the Renault and change the Pete's paintjob has come. All ready to drive through December!




    I'm just not quite happy with how the ATS trailer turned out. ATS needs more/better paintjob options for trailer customization. :c

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      You just reminded me that these paints existed. what a present surprise! ;)

    3. PUSHROD


      Beautiful work & I defiantly agree on the ATS paintjobs. I don't think we should take that Pete to the track though, don't want to scratch that paint or get it dirty. Lol :<)


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  9. It's time to put away my Scania, take out the Renault and change the paintjob of my Pete. December first is here.

  10. So, for context, I posted this on Tuesday: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/666-mike-dragon/&amp;status=113297&amp;type=status


    Now that you have context, on to the post of now:


    I've managed to separate enough time today to dedicate to my PC and I have finally transferred all the hardware into the new case. dummy.gif Took me about four hours to take it apart and rebuild into the new case, manage the cables, reorganize the desk (this case requires more space), the cables on the back and as a bonus, I installed a internal card reader on my second PC and lastly, put away the old case (I'm keeping it) and cleaned everything up on the table I used to work. My back is killing me, but it was worth it.






    1. DerAmpelmann


      "reorganize the desk"



    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I wasn't done cleaning the desk when I took the photo. XD

    3. PUSHROD


      That should be a nice setup for you. It's frustrating sometimes but worth the pain in the long run. :D

  11. ohyeahplz.gif


    The new case I ordered has arrived earlier today! dummy.gif 



    I am not changing computers, only the case. My current case is fine but it is no longer suitable for the hardware I have. It was perfect for what I had when I built is, years ago, but as I upgraded, it "became" small for the hardware. As such, there is very little space inside and given the fact that I have FOUR hard drives plus a GTX 1060 and a Core i5 with a stock cooler (a cooler upgrade is next in my upgrades list, btw) plus a 600W Corsair PSU, the heat it all generates inside of a case that has poor air circulation has been a problem. So for that reason (and internal space), I bought this new case which is larger and has a far superior internal air flow. For reference, the case below is what hosts my PC, currently:




    Definitely not a good case for the hardware I have, currently. :thisisfine: I like it, though. But I do need to replace it.

    1. FBTC - Raaphael

      FBTC - Raaphael

      Hmm. I understand.:) If I could, I would install it on mine. But my computer is closed, with no transparent side cover.-_- So I have three red fan coolers.^_^

    2. DerAmpelmann


      For a moment I thought the side window was cracked because of what the plastic cover made it look like. :thisisfine:

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Removing the plastic is always a magical moment. I'm saving it for when the rebuilding is complete. :P

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  12. Here's a fun game you should buy, especially if you are a fan of arcade-style racing games and is/was a fan of Top Gear, Outrun and the likes back in the good old days of the Super Nintendo:


    Available for mobile devices, PC, PS4 and soon on the Switch and Xbox One.


    Trust me... this game is fun! o3o



    Little fun fact: This game was developed in Brazil by a Brazilian studio.

  13. My current all-time favorite song since 2016. <3 Such positive and inspiring lyrics! Listen to it before judging it for the thumbnail/video art. Trust me.




    Okay. The world presents some problems and we don't know what to do! 
    You've come to find your feelings aren't exactly what you knew. 

    The odds are stacked quite poorly if without a winning hand. 
    But bear in mind your bearing's only worse if you don't -

    Chin up! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll turn your chips to trash! 
    You've got to set your sights and hopes on setting not to crash! 

    The truth can seem quite bleak if you don't make your plans unfurl. 
    But I would not let that mar my opinion of the - 

    Fact is that if you could fix the failings of the current paradigm, 
    we would have a hero who's both been elusive and on time. 

    Just one time. 

    And then, 

    We would all contrive new conflicts! 

    Chin up! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll turn your chips to trash! 
    You've got to set your sights and hopes on setting not to crash! 

    The truth can seem quite bleak if you don't make your plans unfurl. 
    But I would not let that mar my opinion of the 

    Chin up! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll turn your chips to trash! 
    You've got to set your sights and hopes on setting not to crash! 

    The truth can seem quite bleak if you don't make your plans unfurl. 
    But I would not let that mar my opinion of the 

    Stipulations placed before you to get all the things you really need. 
    Mr. Big may make things hard but you have got to plant your seeds. 

    Go to war. 

    Fight more. 

    Your dreams thrive by competition. 

    You'll find no one famous ever got there just by flinching at their foes 
    Cling against the torment, claw with all your might at what you know. 

    Don't let go! 

    Just grow! 

    Don't wait or play to indecision! 

    Chin up! Don't bet on sinking ships because you've got to be more grand! 
    You've got to think ahead and carry out the things you've planned! 

    The truth can be of use when you can see where falsehoods lay. 
    Don't quit on hopes or dreams when you have simply got to - 

    Chin up! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll only drag you down! 
    You've got to keep on sailing even when you want to frown! 

    The world will keep on turning without matter where you land. 
    You might as well be running when your feet should hit the sand 

    Chin up! Don't bet on sinking ships because you've got to be more grand! 
    You've got to think ahead and carry out the things you've planned! 

    The truth can be of use when you can see where falsehoods lay. 
    Don't quit on hopes or dreams when you have simply got to - 

    Chin up! Don't bet on sinking ships because they'll only drag you down! 
    You've got the means to live and it needs merely to be found.



    1. FRANCO.



      da song is awsome! No doubts about it...

      but dat pfudor is weirdo haha:D

  14. Not really. Though overtaking on the shoulder is reckless, that's a kickable offense on the most. It will only become bannable and thus, worthy of a report if the player who's using the shoulder to pass another player causes an accident. For example, let's say Player B overtakes you by driving through the shoulder and he rams you as he passes. That's a bannable offense to which I would give 5 days of ban for reckless driving/inappropriate overtaking+ramming. Otherwise, if no collision would have happened in this example and/or no other accident was caused due to Player B's actions, I'd just kick said player.
  15. GMs need a break every once in a while, too. :kappa:


    1. HerrSwizz


      a cop taking a break at a donut shop...what else :D 

    2. dizelden
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  16. I wouldn't do that if I were you. Detach your trailer and leave it somewhere where it doesn't cause any trouble to anyone is allowed, but getting yourself into the road to "help" a stuck player will most likely result in you driving in the wrong way, blocking traffic and most likely, ramming (given the fact that you'll be "bumping" the player in question). And as you should know, any of these is a violation of the rules that could result in your banishment for a certain amount of days (or months if your ban history already exceeds three bans in less than 12 months), especially if an accident is caused because of you for a reason or another. If you really want to help someone who's stuck and/or blocking the road because of it, the best thing you can do is remind them that that can/should press F7 to teleport to the nearest repair shop, load a save or quick travel to one of their garages. For reference, these are the rules you'd most likely end up breaking, intentionally or not: I highly recommend you have a read of all rules: https://truckersmp.com/rules
  17. Yes. The latest version of ATS is now supported by MP. You can update the mod and your game, now. The need for headlights on during the day should be fixed soon, by the way.
  18. Halloween is on the 31st and we're still on the 30th of October but... whatever, screw it. Be spooked!


  19. Hallows Haul ended and it was a fun event. I got to lead! :D The Pumpkin King stole the Sun so eternal night has settled in. Hopefully our journey has pleased the king so he'll soften up and give us back our Sun.




    1. XinBao^


      wow,nice photo

  20. Such beauty! 


    1. XinBao^
    2. kultrex


      Yes, that lampost is gorgeous:troll:

    3. BL4CK$K1LL
  21. I just had one of the best endings to a Rocket League match that I've ever had, shortly ago! :D 



    1. XinBao^


      Very handsome:wub:

    2. Zlá Cica -Lucia

      Zlá Cica -Lucia

      I own this game but I have not played it for a long time

      but a nice match:)

    3. Velcta The Wolf
  22. Is any of you having connection issues with Rocket League at the moment?



    I restarted my game twice to get a connection but it lost it very shortly after. :\

  23. Nope, it isn't. It violates rule 3.3, which states the following: §3.3 - Car modding It is permitted to save edit default trucks' paint jobs on cars. Save editing AI car wheels into the Scout car is also allowed. - All wheels must be visible, only AI car wheels can be save edited into the Scout cars, truck wheels aren't allowed. - Save edited wheels must fit the car and must be placed correctly. Oversized wheels are not accepted. - Any truck part on the car and vice-versa isn't allowed and will result in a kick from the server. - Duplicated parts and/or slot use is not permitted. You can find this and all other rules as well as some guides regarding save editing of vehicles here: https://truckersmp.com/rules I recommend you read and learn these rules.
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