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  1. There are two things that are rather particular to me when it comes to our Truck Simulator games, particularly ETS2...


    1) I change my main truck every time one reaches 50,000 KM of total driven distance

    2) Every year, when Winter Mod is active and only during the month of December, I drive the same Iveco Stralis. Underpowered, doesn't look, doesn't sound the greatest, the interior is ugly and the engine is loud, but every year I drive the thing and I like it, enough to become upset when someone makes fun of it. I call it, "Christmas Iveco". Uncreative, I know. But that's what I call it and period.


    Now I decided I should add a third particularity:


    3) Change the Christmas truck every 30,000 KM of total driven distance.


    Since I change trucks at every 50K and I only drive that Iveco once every year and the thing just today has finally reached 30,000 KM, I decided that I should change the truck I drive during Christmas time at a lower distance and shift from the usual 50K to 30K. After all... since I only drive it once a year, it will take forever to change it if I apply the 50,000 KM rule to my Christmas truck as well. Took me three years to get the Iveco to 30K!


    So today my Christmas Iveco has completed its final Christmas delivery and with it, Tier 1 of SCS's event for ETS2 has been completed! :D


    Time to say good-bye to my old boxy winter truck. :)




    And say hello to the new Christmas truck, my Christmas Renault!



    Onward to Tier 2 on ETS2 and soon as possible, get started on both tiers for ATS! Draco Pete is eager to deliver gifts! :D Maybe I'll give him a Christmas paintjob like I wanted to do last year but couldn't because the Christmas Paintjobs DLC wasn't supported.


    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Mate. There is a mouse on your grille!

    2. xBestBBx


      PUN ALERT!!! :troll:

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