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  1. I think it's for server lag, back when they was no limit people going over 180km/h didn't always appear to be where they were.
  2. I don't think there is a way, maybe look for a autosave from before you played on MP. You gotta remember that time works differently in MP. When you quit SP the time pauses however in MP it's constantly passing. If I remember correctly in MP 4 hours is 1 hour RL.

    1. Ryotaink


      Seems like you are bit unlucky :D By the way, don't wait everyone to drive properly, we have still trolls in the game. Our admins will take care of 'em(i believe :D)

    2. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      Try driving away from "Idiots on the road" paradise. It's what I've been doing for a long time and I can tell that things are a lot better now. But if you put your hand in a fire, don't complain when you get burned.

  4. Everyone won't drive like professional truck drivers because that's not what everyone wants to do, some people will drive like its a game (because that's what ETS2 is). There will be no effect because people won't change just because the name of the server has changed. There's always been serious drivers away from C-D road, no matter what server.
  5. That's exactly like EU2, C-D is hell, very rarely see trolls anywhere else. No matter what server it is, it's always gonna be the same.
  6. Went on Simulation 1 today, it's basically EU2 with a lower speed, same amount of trolls, same amount of reckless drivers. This new server system is pointless.
  7. Lol, i have 1.3 million km just on one truck.
  8. Your words: Which means "a majority over all rivals combined; more than half." Not putting words in your mouth, just reading what you wrote. i like going faster then 110kmp but like collisions to have a some realism also its fun to avoid crashes. Please tell which server is for my play style since you said there is a sever for my play style. people are going on Sim1 because the arcade servers are a joke. Did you look at the stats when EU1 and EU2 were still here? EU1 (basically Sim 1 but without cars) barely got 1000, EU2 was nearly always full. How
  9. Have you tried messing about with your graphic settings? Could be scaling or field of view or something along those lines
  10. Saying it's a fact doesn't actually make it true, most the people i know like going faster then the speed limit What the fact actually is, is that ETS2 is a game, and everyone has different play styles, it's like saying everyone who has GTA wants to go around and kill people even though there is racing communities, Roleplay Communities, LSPDFR etc. it's ridiculous to think everyone has the same play style as you.
  11. This whole move was to cater the the needs and wants of the hardcore sim players, which is fine i agree with it. But the main problem is that with this move they are neglecting the rest of us who want a casual gameplay (150kmp with collisions). if TMP doesn't listen to the community then what's the point of having a community?
  12. i only seen people asking for Collisions on 1 Arcade server, not them all. i could spend an entire day on EU2 and not see 1 troll, it depends on where you are. 2 arcade servers are pointless, i highly doubt 1 will get full, never mind 2. i've not seen anyone asking for complete removal of the speed limits, 150kph was fine.
  13. The fact the people think this will solve the trolling issue is laughable, troll have and always will go onto the busiest server, it doesn't matter what the speed limit is. What's the point of having 2 NC arcade servers? Do you really expect trolls to voluntarily go onto a server where they can't cause trouble?
  14. i'm gonna guess that TMP dev's will care if they numbers drop, especially now that a competing MP mod is in the works. i also like how you keep assuming everyone that wants EU2 back is a troll and wants to ram people, where as alot of people (myself included) liked EU2 because of the added challenge of avoiding trolls/rammers
  15. All that needs to happen is to add collision to one of the arcade servers, i guarantee that server will be the most populated. "Only trolls are complaining about NC". No, not at all, i've been playing since Late 2014, never been banned on ETS2. Collisions add a enjoyable danger to driving. if people want a full simulation, lets do a full simulator then, lets see how many of these ppl praising the 2 new simulation servers complain. Lets add: Go through red light = banned Overtake on solid lines = banned Overtake in 3rd lane on motorway = banned Pla
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