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  1. happy birthday :D

  2. I have had a few moments that have scared me. Mainly just when I nearly miss a turn off of a motorway and i have to break hard and streer sharp. That can get nerve-racking as I have nearly tipped over SOOO many times.
  3. I did run the winter mod for a while before Christmas, but now since Christmas is over I no longer use it.
  4. That is not true for the whole of the EU as here in the UK you only have to turn your lights on when it gets dark.
  5. People that leave their high beams on when coming in the opposite direction. That really annoys me as the lights are really bight. I turn mine off. Also the de-sync and low fps in rotterdam. Yes I do know I could avoid that area but sometimes I just NEED to go through there.
  6. ^^ I totally agree with you. I never use my horn to greet people I use my lights. It's not hard and people can still see them. Also, like you, I turn off my high beams when another truck is coming in the opposite direction.
  7. CRAZYdog113

    Speed Limit

    ATM As fast as i can go, but I am starting to use the GPS speed limit as It is more realistic. (And no speeding fines)
  8. I personally play on EU1 because it is the busiest server. More people = more fun. But if i'm in a speed rush mood then i join EU2 so I can go as fast as I want.
  9. Most deliveries in 5 and 10 minutes. BTW I know my parking is bad but I was rushing so mucked up a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfUWsGLtR2U
  10. If I upload a video to youtube and then post it on here could i get banned for going through red lights? I know this sounds stupid but I was going for speed runs. I did not cause any crashes and I always did check to see if anyone was at the traffic lights before I skipped the red light. Would be best if an admin could answer. Thanks!!
  11. Damn!! We Both joined on the 12th November but you have a lower uid. Myne is 576.
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