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  1. Hello, happy birthday! =D

  2. Can't you just duplicate the save.sii file from one savegame to another?
  3. I have never seen a special transport trailer in multiplyer tho so that amount is indeed very small.
  4. I asked in a feedback ticket if a special transport load on a normal trailer is allowed. Is this note now because of that or did it have some other reason? At least thanks for the clarification on what is allowed regarding special transport loads on other trailers and save editing special transport trailers.
  5. It's not possible, truckersmp doesn't support this mod so it won't even work in multiplayer.
  6. I've even gone as far as trying to change it in the original game files and change it there but that didn't work either, the game would just crash.
  7. I got the sound to change in singleplayer but it doesn't save with the truck and go to multiplayer. At least i can't get it to work. Couldn't find anything about the horn in your save either.
  8. There is a textline in the sound def file for a truck which sound it uses but i don't know if it saves the horn with the truck after you bought it, i don't think so. In that case this would be a no. Ii'l try this later this evening.
  9. Multiplayer with friends.

    ets2_20181222_221622_00 v2.png

  10. Suggestion Name: Tab ordered by player id Suggestion Description: The tab menu in game where you can see all players. I think this is a mess to find other people. I think it should be ordered by player id. You, the player itself should stay on top but all other players should be sorted starting bij the lowest player id on top en decending down to the highest. This so players can find other players more easily in the tab menu. Any example images: No. Why should it be added?: This so players can find other players more easily in the tab menu.
  11. According to the new rules this is allowed. Here is a steam workshop link on how to do it: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1692116751
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1692116751
  13. Three trailer are possible with more you get auto kicked, dolly's included
  14. Very nice, only this rule is just to late because i received 2 bans for excessive save editing and for those thing that are now allowed,
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