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  1. legobrammetje

    Rule Update – Q1 2019

    Three trailer are possible with more you get auto kicked, dolly's included
  2. legobrammetje

    Rule Update – Q1 2019

    Very nice, only this rule is just to late because i received 2 bans for excessive save editing and for those thing that are now allowed,
  3. legobrammetje

    Relaunch of the Translation Team.

    Nice, but does this mean that more things are gonna come in more languanes or does the amount of translated content stays the same?
  4. legobrammetje

    Feedback Changes: Game Moderation Management

    Thanks, now i know why it took so long
  5. legobrammetje

    Feedback Changes: Game Moderation Management

    Nice, but i have a problem, i filled in a feedback ticket for the ame Moderation Management at february the 27end and now after 2 weeks i haven't got a responce yet. Did you guys miss mine or was it that busy?
  6. Than it was sonething that looked like it. Still looks nice tho. Are you gonna continue working on it?
  7. That looks awesome, hope you make good progress and finish this quickly.
  8. I've seen a singleplayerversion of that train trailer before, how did you guys got it in multiplayer? And is that ever gonna be avalible to other players because i would love to drive with a trailer like that.
  9. legobrammetje

    Double Trailer Restricted Sign

    Yea, but if you use this picture you know not to go on that motorway.
  10. legobrammetje

    Double Trailer Restricted Sign

    There already is a warning that you get in the chat a few hundred meters before you go in to the restricted area for double's and HCT's and get kicked. It's in yellow so it will stand out between the other chat messages. And i have this picture that might help you:
  11. legobrammetje

    Tow truck that repairs people

    Suggestion Name: Tow truck that repairs people Suggestion Description: My idea was that a person gets permissions to use and drive a tow truck in multiplayer. That player also gets permissions to fix other players. This wil only be allowed if the player is using this tow truck. I'm even willing to help and make a tow truck for in-game. Any example images: Why should it be added?: This way you don't always have to wait for the /fix cooldown or the /fix could be even removed for normal players.