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  1. Sometimes things happen that cannot be explained, it is only luck! 😀



    1. Bears | Respekt

      Bears | Respekt

      Как мог, Ром 😂

    2. TeamAudi_Dongkyu_S


      Wow, Great editing!

  2. Do you want to become the best truck driver? Do you want to learn how to feel the truck and use only difficult parking? 

    Take the opportunity to improve your truck driving skills, learn to "feel" your truck and trailer. To do this, take advantage of discounts from SCS and install two games, then go all the way and complete all the tasks to get the best truck management experience:

    1. Trucks & Trailers

    2. Scania Truck Driving Simulator


    Be a professional in this business 😉

    1. [EVOQUE] Mayday
    2. Guest


      I totally agree.

  3. VOLVO FH16 2012 - Already in the lead. Have you made a choice on which truck I will complete the achievement? 😉

    More here:

    1. Bears | Respekt

      Bears | Respekt

      Главное, не пешком!

      The main thing is not on foot!

  4. Hello truckers 🖐️

    In the near future, I intend to start a long journey to open WoTr achievement - this is the last achievement that is not open. (https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/profile/180413)

    I have an idea to drive these 600k+ kilometers on one truck and I would like the community to choose which truck it will be.
    Here is a link where you can help make this choice - https://forms.gle/HNxvfwkNLCqnZWCi7


    I will be glad if you make your choice. Thanks

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    2. Reaper


      I voted. Good luck, post back when you have achieved it :D 

    3. Иван78Питер


      Ждём  DAF105!

  5. Discord - API Errors/Latency


    "Google is currently investigating an issue with SSD Persistent Disk in our region (what our database clusters store their data on). We are awaiting their resolution."




  6. Does someone know how to use Photoshop well? Show your imagination and do something funny)



  7. Write an interesting comment for this 😉


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    2. BrunoPelogia


      "Player has been banned for 2 weeks"

    3. TheReaperNND


      Truckersmp Limbo event 😂😍

    4. ZuLynx


      "when the gas station attendant say the total price."

  8. UFOs at TruckersMP are everywhere! :D



  9. Do you know our rules well? I am sure that yes. But did you know that the rules were created not without reasons? This video shows what happens if you don't comply with rule 2.4.



  10. You have a good sense of humor?
    Make a name for this photo :D


    1. Tuna_


      Red signal !? Brakeee ... :RIP:

    2. MarkON


      Running a red light and parking ticket.


      150 km/h to 0 :o

      My beer on the trailer:(

  11. Something is coming? :love: 



    1. MarkON


      Probably new event. Info from March 12:


  12. Thank you for your music :unsure:


    Keith Charles Flint (17/09/1969 -- 04/03/2019)



  13. Which server? :troll:



    1. Mert 	​​
    2. Sabbi [GER]

      Sabbi [GER]

      very difficult to answer, I guess EU2 on the D-C road?:troll:

  14. Small question:


    When dealing with multiple reports, we often see the same thing - users are chatting as "rec", "ban", "nice ban" and the like...
    Why do you write this, because instead you can write /pinfo :huh:

    1. [IMPERIAL] Skazochniсk

      [IMPERIAL] Skazochniсk

      :thinking: This combination of letters taken from the alphabet is similar to the letters a and b.

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I think alot of people just write rec and ban to scare people :thinking:

  15. When in Calais 100+ players :D



    1. JJay



      My computer is a little bomb when I'm in Calais xD

    2. BurakAKSAKAL
    3. Guest
  16. Multiplayer can always surprise...



    P.S.: Do not use cheats - you will lose access to the multiplayer forever!

  17. Security is an important part of our online experience.

    This is quite serious if you do not want to lose your data, for example from social networks, forums or even a TruckersMP account.
    A blog about a new leak of such data was published today, so you can check your email address - perhaps it was compromised. From this blog, we also learned about the leak in 2016, where our project also became a victim (https://truckersmp.com/blog/8).

    More information you will learn from Troy Hunt blog:

  18. Have you supported your favorite game? ;)



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    2. Noxii


      I most certainly have. B)



    3. London  Truckers.FM

      London Truckers.FM

      @Noxii I think he mea... never mind. 

    4. Noxii


      Nah nah nah, you get going on that Bus DLC instead now boi!

  19. С Днём рождения! ;)


    1. zhuxiaolei


      Goodbye, my friends, and communicate with you several times, although I don't know what's your name.Every day is looking forward to your email, mail, waiting for you to give me unlock, although again and again are disappointed.Now also won't wait, I uninstall the game.Goodbye friends.You have a good time.You are a good administrator

  20. New announcements:


    Do not click on links that are suspicious, even if it is a message from your friend!

    If you received a similar message -



    1. Do not click link

    2. Notify the author of the message that his account was hacked.

    Please be careful! You are responsible for your accounts.




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    2. Fábio Júnior.

      Fábio Júnior.

      Warning !!! This happened to 2 friends of mine :excl:



      Becareful guys :excl: thnsk for information:)

  21. Is there a name for another photo? ;)



    1. IpilkAlaus


      Ultra Instinct Actros vs Mystic Hi-Way

    2. Guest



    3. BL4CK$K1LL


      Looks like a duel between Man and Scania

  22. Your name for the photo? :)



    1. IpilkAlaus


      Friday night in a bar.

    2. Sabbi [GER]

      Sabbi [GER]

      Hey, im here, Nice Spot for watch out :troll:

    3. Lexx_76RUS


      кому то бан дали

  23. Drag Racing in TruckersMP :D



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    2. HelenAndio


      woowww :D hahaha

    3. RazvanRO15


      This is crazy last night, live:troll::DI laughed at him live, very loud, I'm expecting genre videos

    4. BL4CK$K1LL
  24. Attention!




    at the moment there is a massive attack on Steam accounts!
    If you see a similar message or a suspicious link - do not click on these links!

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