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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. That fixed it, thanks so much <3
  3. So I got the error below, never seen it before and have no idea what it means, I tried redownloading the launcher same error. https://i.snag.gy/UBcFDm.jpg Any help be appreciated
  4. Devs makeno sense to me. They add the update with slight SL increase. Good. Then they add a limiter on EU2...what? Why? What's the point of EU2 if they are going the same speed? Need to remove the limiter on EU2

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. dogidog


      If you want to driver over 190 km/h, go on need for speed or something else..

    3. Inthernet


      Game Admin vs Support? We have a FIGHT in our hands! xD

    4. Kalido


      I'm just gonna speak my mind, will the bigots amongst us please stop comparing speeding to racing games all I see is a bunch of people with no argument looking for the unhelpful, and rather frustrating yes or no answer instead of helping the situation. Sorry I had to rant there

  5. I think it is crying over 20KPH increase not a big difference. Now when they originally just disabled the SL, yea that was a big difference, in speed and driving/handling If I remember around 300
  6. Just did a convoy with 10+ members going 110. Had no problems whatsoever, I hardly noticed a difference from 90 to 110. People need to stop crying and just play.
  7. Completely hilarious people are crying over 20KPH increase.
  8. Actually more players on the NSL Server lol

  9. Anyone have those days where it takes you 3 days to do one long load? I keep driving a little and stopping and I keep quitting after a little bit lol (BTW this is in SP)

    1. scaNIaCK


      I've got one in SP which has been on for about five weeks.. such a long journey...

    2. Denos


      I usually take 2-3 days at max, some reason I dont have the will to play very long. Probably because I am busy at work. My longest delivery was around 3,700 KM

  10. Denos

    Map Problem

    Yea, probably. You can close this
  11. Denos

    Map Problem

    Yet I have seen screenshots where they have the whole map shown so someone has done it, I thought it was something to do with my resolution
  12. Denos

    Map Problem

    I downloaded the Russian Map Mod and it runs fine. However I can only scroll and see the edge of it. I can't see the majority of the map, Anyone know how to fix it? Just to clarify, I am saying when I press M to view the world map, I can't see most of the Russian Map
  13. SL is on nothing we can do to chang eit now... however I would love for EU1 to be NSL and EU2 be SL so you would see how people join EU1 not based on SL since it is listed first
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