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  1. Joined MP for the first time the same day it was released but joined the forum on November 27, 2014
  2. i may sometimes flash my high beams if i see a friend of mine, but other than that, i don't flash or honk at anyone
  3. no, i had, but atm i only use the primary monitor and the oculus Edit, do i need some 3rd party product?
  4. yes, i have tried both the direct and the exthend options i have 2 *Sapphire Radeon TRI-X R9 290 4GB "OC"* updated them here the other day
  5. yhea, but it should still work in SP, if i am not mistaken, i just don't get it to work :/
  6. hello all, got my oculus rift dk2 yesterday, but i can't seem to get it working with euro truck 2 (or almost any games for that matter) , i have opped into the oculus Beta, and has the -oculus in the launch option thing, but it won't ditect the headsett, anyideas? tnx!
  7. Applestan


    i'm 18, live in northern Norway, taking / gonna take the driveing licenses for car ( B ), Van / Truck under 7,5 tons (7500 kilos) ( C1 ), Forklift, and Crane ( C1 ) or (crane 7) or whatever it is calld.. , and once i turn 21 i'll take C and CE,
  8. har vært hær lenge, bare ikke posta no før nå
  9. Ingame navn: Applestan [NLR] Alder: 18 (18,08,96) Bosted: Øksnes, nordland, norge Lastebilen(e) din(e):Scania R ''Streamline'', 580 HK, V8-interiør, 6x4 chassis, Retarder Bremse, Antall timer spilt (Om du har Steam): 427 timer Hovedgarasje, hvor? Lublin, polen Antall garasjer: 5 Lengste tur?: ~1000 km Antall ansatte?: 3 Har nettop sarta på nytt
  10. ohh.. sorry hope it gets sorted out soon tho.
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