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  1. i think the mp team would need to contact SCS first
  2. this kind of suggestion has been deciled hundres of times by now..
  3. going north is comming out soon
  4. why not just make a poll, the option with the most votes gets added?
  5. har vært hær lenge, bare ikke posta no før nå
  6. Ingame navn: Applestan [NLR] Alder: 18 (18,08,96) Bosted: Øksnes, nordland, norge Lastebilen(e) din(e):Scania R ''Streamline'', 580 HK, V8-interiør, 6x4 chassis, Retarder Bremse, Antall timer spilt (Om du har Steam): 427 timer Hovedgarasje, hvor? Lublin, polen Antall garasjer: 5 Lengste tur?: ~1000 km Antall ansatte?: 3 Har nettop sarta på nytt
  7. ohh.. sorry hope it gets sorted out soon tho.
  8. it is the Raven Dlc