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  1. What date did you join TMP (or ETS2MP)

    Joined MP for the first time the same day it was released but joined the forum on November 27, 2014
  2. i may sometimes flash my high beams if i see a friend of mine, but other than that, i don't flash or honk at anyone
  3. oculus rift dk2 and ets 2, Help?

    no, i had, but atm i only use the primary monitor and the oculus Edit, do i need some 3rd party product?
  4. oculus rift dk2 and ets 2, Help?

    yes, i have tried both the direct and the exthend options i have 2 *Sapphire Radeon TRI-X R9 290 4GB "OC"* updated them here the other day
  5. oculus rift dk2 and ets 2, Help?

    yhea, but it should still work in SP, if i am not mistaken, i just don't get it to work :/
  6. oculus rift dk2 and ets 2, Help?

    hello all, got my oculus rift dk2 yesterday, but i can't seem to get it working with euro truck 2 (or almost any games for that matter) , i have opped into the oculus Beta, and has the -oculus in the launch option thing, but it won't ditect the headsett, anyideas? tnx!
  7. Steam Mod

    i think the mp team would need to contact SCS first
  8. Bronies and the multiplayer

    lets have some Pon-ography

    i'm 18, live in northern Norway, taking / gonna take the driveing licenses for car ( B ), Van / Truck under 7,5 tons (7500 kilos) ( C1 ), Forklift, and Crane ( C1 ) or (crane 7) or whatever it is calld.. , and once i turn 21 i'll take C and CE,
  10. Force Realistic Mods

    this kind of suggestion has been deciled hundres of times by now..
  11. Adding more maps country

    going north is comming out soon
  12. new TAB: Change ping to distance

    why not just make a poll, the option with the most votes gets added?
  13. Introduser deg selv og din(e) lastebil(er)!

    har vært hær lenge, bare ikke posta no før nå