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  3. Perhaps you can search for a localmod with some good looking CB radio, but I doubt you will find any as personally I haven't seen a loclamod for a CB radio.
  4. As the player who frequently drives on c-d road, I rarely see people crashing on railway crosing, mostly on sharp turns. Taking in consideration fact that railway crossing closes less times than before, railway crossing is not a significant part of the cause of traffic jams. There is no need to remove it.
  5. I'm not in favor of this idea as it is game about driving a truck after all. Adding jobs or even more vehicles that have nothing to do with trucks disturbs the primal sense of the game. I don't think adding either taxi skin or taxi job is meaningful.
  6. I think that most of the reckless drivers are just trolls and they don't care about repairing their truck because they can load previous save where their truck remains untact so it automatically makes then not need money and they just don't feel financial threat of causing damage to other players. Concerning the matter of developing your account, it doesn't take long time to earn considrable about of money and save editing isn't needed. Although I don't see the reason to create server-sideed player profiles as it will be associated with additional costs I guess and there are more cons than pros of this idea, many of them listed by people above me.
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