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  1. I appreciate the help guys, but i'm where yall are. The workshop aint got nothing that looks good when it comes to CB radio models, so if anyone else knows about the Truckers MP radio model, please let me know.
  2. I have been looking around and have come up with nothing when it comes to finding a solution to this. I've been wanting, as well as some other folks, the cb radio model that is used in TruckersMP for our playthroughs in singplayer. I figured it was in the accessory pack that was downloadable on the TruckersMP main website, but it wasn't. So my question, is there a way to get that CB radio model for singleplayer? We don't even care if it works, we just want the model itself so we can add it to our trucks. The SISL cb radio model, in my opinion, looks horrible where it is placed, but the TruckersMP one fits just right in all the trucks. Y'alls help would be appreciated in answering this.
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